01-17-12 Rita Miller Tax Office Report: A Detailed Overview

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In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the 01-17-12 Rita Miller Tax Office Report. We will delve into the key points discussed during the meeting, analyze the motions raised, and provide insights into the decisions made by the board. The report covers a range of topics including property refunds, commercial solid waste fees, and delinquent bills.

Property Refunds:

During the meeting, there was a motion raised for the auto-release of property refunds. This motion was seconded, and a discussion ensued regarding the specific amount of $40.97 in property refunds. It was agreed upon that both real property releases and refunds required emotions. Miss Miller, the tax office representative, presented the necessary paperwork for the motion to proceed.

Commercial Solid Waste Fees:

A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to discussing commercial solid waste fees. Howard Rangy, a local business owner, had approached the board on December 19th to request a release of his commercial solid waste fees for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009. The discussion revolved around the rates and fees applicable to Mr. Rangy’s case. The board summarized the fees as follows:

  • 2007: $10 for availability fees and $694.50 for disposal fees.
  • 2008: $60 for availability fees and $630.50 for disposal fees.
  • 2009: $60 for availability fees and $630.50 for disposal fees.

The availability fees accounted for a significant portion of the total fees, with $630.50 of the $694.50 in 2007 being attributed to these fees. The board emphasized the importance of clarifying the availability fees for the sake of transparency.

Board’s Authority and Fee Schedule:

A question arose regarding a specific bill amounting to $60. The board inquired whether this bill was incurred by a contractor or other party. Miss Miller confirmed that the bill was in line with the fee schedule provided to all contractors, which included a $15 per quarter availability fee. The fee schedule had been in place since the mid-90s and applied uniformly to all contractors. The board also noted that they had the authority to adjust the fee schedule on an annual basis during the budget process.

Delinquent Bill:

During the meeting, a gentleman approached the board with a request relating to a 2006 delinquent bill. The outstanding bill amounted to $92.97, and the gentleman had already paid $50 towards it. He requested the board’s consideration to release the remaining $42.97. Miss Miller explained that, according to statute, the board did not have the authority to release or compromise any part of a bill without potentially facing personal liability. However, she assured the gentleman that she would bring his request to the board for discussion.


In conclusion, the 01-17-12 Rita Miller Tax Office Report covered various important matters including property refunds, commercial solid waste fees, and delinquent bills. The board had thorough discussions on each topic, making informed decisions based on statute and fee schedules. The meeting highlights the importance of transparency and adherence to established procedures in dealing with financial matters. By providing a detailed overview of the meeting, this article aims to inform readers and shed light on the inner workings of the tax office.

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