**2021 Instructional Meeting for LaSalle County Assessors: Important Updates and Guidelines**

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In this article, we will discuss the key points and updates from the 2021 Instructional Meeting for assessors in LaSalle County. This meeting was held on December 3, 2020, and provided important guidelines and reminders for assessors in the county. The meeting covered various topics, including changes in procedures, important dates, and instructions for accurate assessments.

Meeting Agenda and Updates

The meeting started with a warm welcome from the presenter, who acknowledged the presence of both in-person attendees and those watching on YouTube. The presenter emphasized that any questions from YouTube viewers should be written down and addressed later. The first agenda item was a review of the yellow folder that was mailed out to all attendees. This folder contained important documents related to the instructional meeting and served as a reference for assessors throughout the year.

The folder included a summary of the meeting’s key points, which were intended to be placed next to assessors’ computers as a quick reference guide. The presenter briefly mentioned some changes in the folder compared to previous years. One noteworthy addition was the inclusion of a door hanger, which serves as a way to inform property owners about the assessor’s visit. This is particularly important now with the prevalence of video cameras and security systems.

Another change highlighted in the folder was the requirement to submit the Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork along with the homestead form instead of the freeze form. This change aims to streamline the process and avoid delays caused by missing information. Additionally, assessors were reminded to collect the 2020 income tax form from property owners applying for the senior citizen assessment freeze. This helps verify the income eligibility and prevents unnecessary back-and-forth communication between the assessor’s office and property owners.

Key Dates and Guidelines

The meeting also covered important dates and guidelines for the upcoming assessment cycle. The presenter highlighted specific dates under the tax cycle timeline that assessors should pay attention to. Of particular note were the requirements to turn in split property record cards (PRCs) by June 15, 2021, and complete commercial pickups and splits by July 15, 2021.

Additionally, assessors were reminded of the importance of sending publication notices to taxpayers, which typically takes place between September and October. Although the presenter expressed hope for an extension until November, assessors were advised to plan for the September-October timeframe for the publication of assessment notices.

Changes in Staff and Challenges Faced in 2020

The presenter took a moment to acknowledge new hires in the assessors’ office in 2020. Krista Urbanski was introduced as the new clerk three, responsible for permits, leases, and other administrative tasks. Grace Nuts was also welcomed as the new GIS technician, replacing Juanita, who had retired. The presenter expressed gratitude for their contributions, especially considering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and ransomware attacks.

The presenter highlighted the difficulties faced by the office due to the pandemic and ransomware attacks, which disrupted operations for several months. However, the assessors’ office managed to overcome these challenges with great resilience and dedication, ensuring minimal disruption to their work. The presenter commended the assessors for their commitment and expressed hopes for a better year in 2021.

Importance of Uniformity in Assessments

One of the main responsibilities of assessors is to ensure uniformity in property assessments. To achieve this, assessors need to follow specific procedures and guidelines. The presenter emphasized the importance of uniform assessment levels and the use of current market values to determine property assessments. Assessors were reminded to accurately describe the characteristics of land and improvements, including measurements, pictures, and drawings. The information collected should then be entered into the property record cards (PRCs), which are used to estimate property values.

Assessments and Submission Deadlines

The presenter provided instructions for submitting 2021 assessments for LaSalle County. Assessors were informed that assessments are due on June 15, 2021, by 4:30 pm. In preparation for this deadline, assessors were advised to make appointments with the appropriate personnel to receive assessment changes and provide hard copies of property record cards for split or combination parcels. The presenter also stressed the importance of not altering assessments that have already been completed by the county. Assessors were instructed to focus solely on creating accurate property record cards without entering any assessment or reason for change.


In conclusion, the 2021 Instructional Meeting for LaSalle County Assessors provided important updates, guidelines, and reminders for assessors in the county. The meeting covered various topics, including changes in procedures, key dates, and instructions for accurate assessments. Assessors were encouraged to refer to the provided yellow folder, which contained essential documents and guidelines for their work. The meeting emphasized the importance of uniformity in assessments and ensuring accurate property record cards for estimation purposes. With the challenges faced in 2020, including the COVID-19 pandemic and ransomware attacks, the LaSalle County Assessors’ office demonstrated resilience and dedication. As they look forward to the upcoming assessment cycle in 2021, assessors are well-equipped with the necessary information and guidelines to carry out their duties effectively.

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