Allen Parish Ordinance Strengthens Laws Against Solicitors

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In September, Allen Parish officials passed an ordinance to address the issue of persistent solicitations from individuals who approach residents’ homes to sell various items. The goal is to ensure that these annoying salespeople are held accountable for their actions. The new ordinance makes it a misdemeanor offense for individuals to engage in door-to-door sales without the necessary permits provided by the Police Jury. This article will explore the details of the ordinance and its implications for both residents and solicitors.

Cracking down on Persistent Solicitors

We’ve all experienced persistent solicitors who show up at our front doors, determined to sell us products or services we have no interest in. These individuals often try to persuade us relentlessly, despite our clear disinterest. The Allen Parish ordinance seeks to address this issue by establishing consequences for solicitors who ignore residents’ requests to leave their properties. If a person wants a solicitor off their property, the solicitor is legally obligated to comply.

According to Chief Deputy Johnson, the primary motivation behind the ordinance is to provide law enforcement with a tool to address complaints involving persistent solicitors. The Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints over the past year, particularly from elderly residents who may be perceived as vulnerable targets by these salespeople.

Implications of the Ordinance

The new ordinance does not interfere with legitimate fundraising activities conducted by organizations such as churches, scouting groups, and those with Police Jury permits. It specifically targets salespeople who come from outside the parish and engage in aggressive door-to-door solicitation, causing harassment and annoyance to residents.

By implementing the ordinance, Allen Parish aims to protect its residents’ peace of mind and keep unwanted solicitations at bay. Similar ordinances are already in place in other parishes in Southwest Louisiana, including Beauregard, Cameron, and Calcasieu parishes.

How to Report Illegitimate Soliciting

If residents encounter someone they suspect of engaging in illegitimate soliciting, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible to help law enforcement make an informed investigation. This includes obtaining the person’s name, photograph, and license plate number if they are driving a vehicle. By providing detailed information, residents can aid in the enforcement of the new ordinance and discourage persistent solicitors from targeting their community.


The Allen Parish ordinance is a significant step towards safeguarding residents from the persistent annoyance and potential harm caused by aggressive door-to-door solicitors. By making it a misdemeanor offense, the ordinance holds solicitors accountable for their actions and provides law enforcement with a tool to address complaints. It also acknowledges the importance of legitimate fundraising activities by exempting organizations with permits. Residents are encouraged to report any suspected illegitimate soliciting, thus contributing to the safety and peace of their community. With the implementation of this new ordinance, Allen Parish aims to ensure a more secure and peaceful environment for its residents.

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