Amethyst and Citrine Crystal Scepters Unearthed at Hallelujah Junction

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In this exciting episode of The Crystal Collector, the host takes us to Hallelujah Junction, a location he has been wanting to visit for over 15 years. With the help of a local expert named Ryan, they dig for scepter crystals, known for their impressive size and striking beauty. As they explore the area, they uncover a treasure trove of amethyst and citrine crystal scepters. Join them on this thrilling adventure as they unearth these majestic stones and marvel at their stunning formations.

Exploring Hallelujah Junction

The Crystal Collector begins by expressing his excitement to finally visit Hallelujah Junction, a location he has anticipated for years. He acknowledges Ryan, an expert in custom crystal work, and urges viewers to check out his remarkable creations on Instagram. With Miles as their guide, they embark on a thrilling journey up Greasy Hill, a steep ascent that requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Unearthing Scepter Crystals

Once they reach the digging site, The Crystal Collector explains how the pegmatites in the area contribute to the unique formation of the crystals. He points out the dirt formations that indicate the presence of scepter crystals and the distinctive citrine color. With each find, the team becomes more astounded by the beauty of the crystals.

Spectacular Discoveries

As they dig, Jamie stumbles upon an extraordinary scepter crystal formation, leaving everyone in awe. The Crystal Collector expresses his amazement at the find and appreciates the beauty of the translucent crystal with a citrine color. The team continues to unearth impressive specimens, including a massive crystal point that leaves them speechless.

Digging Deeper

The team excavates further, unearthing extraordinary specimens such as a crystal with purple hues and smoky areas. They marvel at the unique formations and note how the crystals are often damaged due to earth movements during their growth. However, they remain determined to continue their search for larger and more intact crystals.

Opening Fresh Pockets

Ryan decides to use a machine to scrape the walls, opening up new pockets of crystals. The team’s excitement grows as they explore these fresh pockets, finding more beautiful crystals. They note the presence of mica in the area, which distinguishes these crystals from hydrothermal formations commonly found in eastern locations.

Cleaning and Examining the Crystals

After washing off the crystals, The Crystal Collector appreciates the intact mica on the specimens. He emphasizes the importance of carefully removing the crystals from the pockets to avoid damaging their contact points. The team continues to discover remarkable formations, including crystals with vibrant colors and intricate structures.

Uncovering a Crystal Crown

As they dig deeper, the team uncovers a massive crystal still attached to the wall. Through careful excavation, they extract the crystal, revealing its stunning purple, citrine, and amethyst hues. The Crystal Collector wipes the crystal clean, allowing its vibrant colors to shine through.

Mushroom-Shaped Scepter Crystal

Among their finds is a unique crystal with a mushroom-like formation. The Crystal Collector considers it one of his favorite discoveries from the dig. The distinct shape and overall beauty of the crystal make it stand out.

Finding Crystals in Unusual Places

The team continues to find crystals in unexpected locations, such as a crystal hidden within a rock. They pull out multiple crystals, some damaged but others intact and impressive. The Crystal Collector notes the unpredictable nature of crystal digging, as you never know what treasures you might uncover.

Excavating with the Machine

With Ryan operating the machine, they open up more pockets, leading to the discovery of even more magnificent crystals. The team marvels at the size and quality of the crystals they find, emphasizing their careful handling to avoid damaging these remarkable specimens.


At the end of their adventure, The Crystal Collector reflects on their incredible finds at Hallelujah Junction. They express gratitude for the opportunity to dig in such an amazing location and admire the beauty of the amethyst and citrine crystal scepters they uncovered. This excursion into the world of crystal collecting serves as a reminder of the wonders that lie beneath the earth’s surface, waiting to be discovered by those with an adventurous spirit and a keen eye for beauty.

With their bags full of breathtaking crystals, the team bids farewell to Hallelujah Junction, knowing that this experience will leave a lasting impression and fuel their love for crystal collecting for years to come.

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