Barre, MA Selectmen Meeting 10/15/18: Investment Policies and Marijuana Bylaws Discussed

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In the Barre, MA Selectmen Meeting held on October 15, 2018, various topics were discussed, including investment policies and marijuana bylaws. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, and the first item on the agenda was the approval of meeting minutes. The meeting minutes were tabled to allow for further review and discussion.

Investment Policies

The discussion then shifted to investment policies for the town. There was a motion to approve the investment policies, but it was decided to table it for further consideration. The Selectmen expressed the need to review the policies on their own time to make an informed decision. It was agreed that the investment policies would be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting.

Old Business: Interim Treasurer Collector

Next on the agenda was the appointment of an interim treasurer collector. The Selectmen had interviewed three candidates for the position. One of the concerns raised was whether there were any previous relationships between the candidates and the finance team. It was clarified that the candidates had worked with the finance team in the past. The Selectmen decided to proceed with their usual department head interview process for the final three candidates. A date would be set for the interviews, keeping in mind the availability of all parties involved.

Transition Plan

While discussing the appointment of an interim treasurer collector, the Selectmen also addressed the need for a transition plan. They wanted to bridge the gap between the current employee’s retirement and the start date of the new hire. The Selectmen proposed keeping the current employee on a part-time basis until the new hire could assume the full-time position. An agreement was presented, outlining the terms and conditions for this arrangement. The Selectmen believed that this approach would ensure a smooth transition and maintain continuity in the department.

Local Commission on Disabilities

Another topic of discussion was the creation of a local Commission on Disabilities. The Selectmen had received a letter from the state asking if the town was interested in creating such a commission. The purpose of the commission would be to address accessibility issues and provide recommendations on improving public facilities. The Selectmen discussed the benefits of having a commission dedicated to this cause and the potential grant opportunities that could arise from it. They decided to gauge public interest in the commission before moving forward with the necessary steps to establish it.

Marijuana Bylaws

The final item on the agenda was the review of the draft marijuana bylaws. The Selectmen had received a draft from Andrew, and they had individually reviewed it. It was noted that about 70% of the draft looked good, but further analysis was needed. One question that arose was whether to include the Host Community Agreement (HCA) process in the bylaws or keep it as a separate policy. It was suggested that the HCA process be treated as a separate policy to allow for more flexibility in its application. The Selectmen also discussed the importance of holding public hearings and involving both the Board of Health and the Board of Selectmen in the decision-making process. It was proposed that a minimum of two public hearings be held to gather public input. The Selectmen also wanted to include specific expectations for businesses seeking approval and suggested a dual-vote system involving the Planning Board and the Board of Selectmen. The intent was to ensure accountability and a clear understanding of the requirements for businesses in the town.


The Barre, MA Selectmen Meeting on October 15, 2018, covered various important topics, including investment policies and marijuana bylaws. The meeting minutes were tabled for further review, and the appointment of an interim treasurer collector was discussed, along with a transition plan. The possibility of creating a local Commission on Disabilities was also explored, and the draft marijuana bylaws were reviewed. The Selectmen emphasized the need for public input and accountability in all decisions and looked forward to taking the necessary steps to address these matters in the town of Barre, MA.

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