Cedar County Celebrates CWRC Designation Boosting Workforce Development in Missouri

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Cedar County Celebrates CWRC Designation


In an exciting announcement of national significance, Cedar County in Missouri proudly joins the ranks as a Certified Work Ready Community (CWRC). This designation, which validates the skills and knowledge of the local workforce, opens doors for economic growth and development within the county. By becoming a CWRC, Cedar County demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that its workforce remains competitive in the dynamic 21st-century job market.

The Importance of CWRC Designation

The CWRC initiative aims to equip communities with the tools necessary to attract businesses and to cultivate a workforce that meets the demands of modern industries. Cedar County’s official designation represents a tremendous opportunity to showcase the skills of its emerging, transitioning, and current workforce. By validating their abilities, Cedar County sets itself apart and becomes an attractive destination for companies seeking qualified employees.

The Workforce Landscape in Cedar County

Cedar County boasts a wide range of job opportunities across various sectors that can benefit from the work-ready program. Positions in business, office administration, maintenance, and dietary services are just a few examples where the Work Ready program can help streamline the hiring process. With the program’s assistance, businesses can match applicants’ skills with the requirements of each position, leading to better recruitment outcomes.

Achievements and Support for CWRC

Cedar County’s workforce has already made significant strides towards earning certification. Presently, individuals in the county have obtained an impressive total of 227 certificates. Moreover, 25 local businesses have pledged their support for the CWRC initiative, emphasizing the community’s commitment to its workforce. This overwhelming response demonstrates the collective effort to invest in the professional development of Cedar County’s residents.

Collaborative Efforts for Success

The success of the CWRC initiative in Cedar County depends on the effective collaboration between schools, businesses, and chambers of commerce. Effective communication among these stakeholders is crucial in spreading awareness about the program and ensuring that workers have access to the necessary certification tests. By facilitating this knowledge exchange, Cedar County aims to bridge the gap between employee skills and employer requirements, ultimately fostering a thriving professional environment.

The Benefits of CWRC Status

Achieving CWRC status provides Cedar County with several advantages. Firstly, the designation enhances the county’s appeal to businesses seeking to establish operations in an area well-equipped with a skilled workforce. The CWRC status acts as a feedback mechanism, allowing businesses to understand the specific skills needed in the local labor market. This, in turn, leads to better alignment between the demands of employers and the offerings of job seekers, resulting in more successful hiring decisions.

Commitment to Growth and Development

Cedar County prides itself on being open for business and acknowledges the invaluable role that workforce development plays in sustaining economic growth and prosperity. By continuously investing in developing its workforce, Cedar County demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that the skills of its residents align with the requirements of emerging industries. With a robust focus on the professional development of its workforce, Cedar County will remain a magnet for businesses seeking to establish themselves in a thriving community.

Applying for CWRC Certification

Are you interested in discovering how your community can join the ranks of Certified Work Ready Communities? If so, visit the official website of the Missouri Economic Development department (de.mo.gov) to learn more about the CWRC initiative and how to apply for certification. Take the first step toward empowering your local workforce and attracting new business opportunities to your community.


Cedar County’s celebration of its CWRC designation marks a significant milestone on the path to fostering a robust and highly skilled workforce. With the community’s commitment to developing its labor force and its collaboration among educational institutions, businesses, and chambers of commerce, Cedar County is poised to attract new businesses and pave the way for economic prosperity. By achieving CWRC status, Cedar County continues to solidify its position as an excellent destination for businesses seeking a talented and work-ready workforce.

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