** Charges Filed Against Pike County Sheriff – Ohio Auditor Office Sheds Light on Serious Indictments**

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In a recent development, the Ohio Auditor’s Office has filed sixteen serious indictments against the Pike County Sheriff, Robert Smith. Any indictment involving felonies is a matter of great concern, especially when it involves a public official like a County Sheriff. These charges include offenses such as writings by disruption and securing writings by deception, with a few misdemeanor charges for a conflict of interest. This article will delve into the details of these charges and their implications for Sheriff Robert Smith in his capacity as a public servant.

Understanding the Indictment

At this point, the Ohio Auditor’s Office is unable to provide more information about the case due to ethical considerations. The indictment itself, which is now a matter of public record, sheds light on the charges brought against Sheriff Robert Smith. Although the specific details of the alleged offenses are not discussed, it is evident that they were all committed while he held the position of sheriff.

One aspect that has surfaced is the potential involvement of drug money. However, the Ohio Auditor’s Office refrains from disclosing further details regarding this issue. It is worth noting that the indictment is available to the public, and interested individuals can acquire a copy for review purposes.

Implications for Sheriff Robert Smith

Given the charges brought against him, it is natural to question whether Sheriff Robert Smith will be able to continue serving in his position. As of now, these indictments do not automatically disqualify him from holding office. It is essential to remember that an individual is considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Therefore, Sheriff Smith’s ability to serve will remain intact until the charges against him have been proven.

Legal Proceedings and Future Steps

The Ohio Auditor’s Office has issued a summons docket for Sheriff Robert Smith instead of a warrant for his arrest. They have already obtained his fingerprints and confirmed that he has legal representation. This suggests that Sheriff Smith has been cooperative in the preliminary stages of the investigation. The next step in the legal process is an arraignment, which is scheduled for July 2nd. During the arraignment, the charges will be formally presented to Sheriff Smith, and he will have the opportunity to respond.


The recent charges filed against Pike County Sheriff Robert Smith have brought serious allegations to the forefront. As these indictments involve felonies, the Ohio Auditor’s Office is taking them very seriously. While the exact details of the charges remain undisclosed, it is indicated that they were all committed during his tenure as sheriff. Despite these indictments, Sheriff Smith will be permitted to continue serving until proven guilty in a court of law. The legal proceedings in this case will progress with the arraignment scheduled for July 2nd. The outcome of this case will have significant repercussions for Sheriff Smith and the community he serves.

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