Closing HVAC Sales with the Intention Statement: How to Handle the I Want to Think About it Objection

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Closing a sale in the HVAC industry can be challenging, especially when homeowners say they want to think about it before making a decision. However, there is a proven technique called the intention statement that can help overcome this objection and effectively close sales. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of using the intention statement to address the “I want to think about it” objection and increase your chances of securing HVAC sales.

The Power of the Intention Statement

The intention statement is a simple question asked at the beginning of your presentation that sets the groundwork for closing the “I want to think about it” door. By using this technique, you can take the pressure off homeowners and create a comfortable environment for them to make a decision. The key is to handle the objection properly and set the groundwork upfront.

Step 1: Conduct the Comfort Survey

To initiate the intention statement technique, start your presentation by conducting a comfort survey. This survey includes questions about hot and cold spots, indoor air quality, efficiency, and other relevant factors. By gathering information about the homeowner’s specific needs and concerns, you can tailor your presentation accordingly.

Step 2: Ask the Intention Statement

Once you have completed the comfort survey, it’s time to ask the intention statement. Begin by addressing the homeowners respectfully, saying something like, “Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, have you ever had a bad experience with a pushy salesman?” This question allows homeowners to share their past experiences and ensures that you are not perceived as a pushy salesman.

Step 3: Build Trust and Set Expectations

After hearing the homeowner’s response to the intention statement, it is essential to build trust and establish expectations. Assure the homeowners that you are not like the pushy salesmen they may have encountered in the past. Let them know that you are committed to taking the time they need to answer all their questions, design the right HVAC system, and ensure it fits their monthly budget.

Step 4: Simplify Decision-Making

To further alleviate any pressure, simplify the decision-making process. Explain to homeowners that all you ask at the end of the presentation is for them to let you know whether or not they think you are a good fit for them and their family. Emphasize that saying no is a perfectly acceptable answer. This approach empowers homeowners to make a decision without feeling trapped or obligated.

Step 5: Handling the “I Want to Think About It” Objection

When you reach the end of your presentation and hear the “I want to think about it” objection, remember that you have already set the groundwork with the intention statement. Approach the objection confidently and refer back to the previous declaration made by the homeowners during the intention statement. Remind them that saying no is acceptable and ask for the order again.

Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

Sometimes, even when homeowners say yes, they may still express a need to speak with or consider other companies. In these cases, it is crucial to remain focused and interpret their response accurately. If homeowners are not signing anything, consider their response as a no. To overcome this objection, refer them back to the intention statement and hold them accountable to their initial declaration.

Building Trust and Providing Exceptional Service

Throughout the sales process, building trust and demonstrating your commitment to exceptional service is vital. Highlight stories or examples of how you have gone above and beyond for previous homeowners, such as offering refunds or resolving issues promptly. By showcasing your dedication to customer satisfaction, you solidify the trust and confidence homeowners have in your company.


Closing HVAC sales can be challenging, especially when homeowners express the need to think about it before making a decision. However, by implementing the intention statement technique and following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you can overcome this objection and increase your sales success rate. Remember to set the groundwork upfront, build trust, and simplify the decision-making process. By doing so, you will create a comfortable environment for homeowners to make an informed choice and choose your company for their HVAC needs.

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