Cockfighters’ Inhumane Treatment of Fighting Roosters: Exposing the Grim Reality

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In this eye-opening video, Steve Hindi from Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) sheds light on the cruel and gruesome world of cockfighting. Despite claims made by cockfighters that they love and care for their roosters, the evidence presented reveals a starkly different reality. This article delves into the life of fighting roosters, the conditions they endure, and the brutal fights they are forced into.

The Sad Reality of Fighting Roosters

Fighting roosters, often referred to as gamecocks, are subjected to lives of misery and suffering. They are kept chained, confined to small spaces, and denied any form of freedom. These magnificent creatures, known for their beauty and grace, are reduced to mere objects for the entertainment of their owners.

Step 1: Confinement and Chaining

One of the most distressing aspects of cockfighting is the manner in which these roosters are kept. As shown in the video, they are literally chained, with no opportunity to roam or engage in natural behaviors. Their entire lives are spent in cramped and squalid conditions, deprived of any semblance of a normal existence.

Step 2: The Harsh Reality of Rooster Operations

The video highlights that, shockingly, the conditions depicted are considered “better” among rooster operations. The truth is that these fighting roosters often live in shambles, enduring extremely poor living conditions. They are denied the basic necessities of life, which should be provided to any living being.

Step 3: The Brutal Fights

The pinnacle of cruelty in the life of a fighting rooster is the actual fight itself. Prior to the fight, blades or sharp gaffs are attached to their legs, turning them into deadly weapons. In the harrowing pits, these roosters are pitted against each other, forced to fight until they are either severely wounded or killed. It is a fight for survival, where the roosters are driven to slice and tear at their opponents, all for the amusement of spectators.

Taking a Stand Against Cockfighting

If you are truly passionate about animal welfare and abhor the cruelty inflicted upon fighting roosters, there are several ways you can take action and support the fight against cockfighting.

Step 1: Support the Crush Cockfighting Campaign

By rallying behind the Crush Cockfighting campaign, you can join the movement to end this barbaric bloodsport. Show your solidarity with the cause by spreading awareness, sharing this video, and encouraging others to take a stand against cockfighting.

Step 2: Report Cockfighting Locations

If you have knowledge of cockfighting locations in the United States, it is crucial to inform the authorities. You can help by emailing tips to SHARK at [email protected] or by calling them directly at 630-385-0244. Your information could be instrumental in shutting down these illegal and immoral operations.

Step 3: Subscribe, Support, and Take Action

To stay informed about ongoing investigations and learn more about how you can contribute, consider subscribing to the SHARK YouTube channel. By supporting SHARK directly through their Patreon page, you can gain access to exclusive content and play an active role in protecting innocent animals.


The shocking reality of cockfighting and the deplorable conditions imposed upon fighting roosters cannot be ignored. By amplifying our voices and working together, we can put an end to this cruel practice. Let us stand united against cockfighting, ensuring that these majestic birds are no longer subjected to lives of torment and violence.

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