Cop Hides Across Street as Wife Violates Mandates – The Middle-Class Party Thwarted

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In this article, we will discuss body cam footage from the Pullman Washington Police Department that showcases a middle-class party being stopped by a police officer. The video raises questions about the role of order followers and the enforcement of mandates. The article will delve into the definition of an order follower and provide insights into the events captured in the body cam footage. We will also explore the implications of such enforcement on personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Definition of an Order Follower

An order follower is defined as a person who does what someone else commands them to do, relinquishing their free will and personal responsibility. They base their actions solely on the orders given to them, without considering the moral implications of their behavior.

The Middle-Class Party Violation

The body cam footage captures one of the first eight citations given for violating mandates imposed by Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state. These mandates restrict gatherings to ten or fewer people and require masks when social distancing is not possible. This particular instance is unique as it involves a middle-class neighborhood party rather than students from Washington State University.

Challenges to Community Bonding

The video highlights the dangers our rulers perceive in people forming close-knit communities. Engaging in conversations and building connections could lead individuals to question the necessity of the ruling class. This fear may explain the crackdown on gatherings and the use of law enforcement to enforce compliance.

The Fine Discrepancy

What sets this infraction apart is the difference in fines. While Washington State University students received fines of $250, the attendees of the middle-class party were fined $150. This raises questions about the fairness and consistency of the enforcement, especially considering the potential conflict of interest involving the police officer’s wife.

The Role of Order Followers

Throughout the video, it becomes evident that the police officer’s wife is present at the party. The officer himself is across the street, hidden from view. This raises suspicions about the officer’s knowledge of and involvement in the event. It is ironic that the enforcer’s house is in close proximity to the party, potentially indicating their awareness of the gathering.

A History of Police Misconduct

To further understand the officer’s behavior, a previous incident involving the officer in question is highlighted. In 2016, the officer was involved in a case where a Washington State University student accused him and another officer of breaking his arm and using excessive force. The video footage of this incident raises concerns about the officer’s conduct and the use of force in previous encounters.

Conversation with the Property Owner

The body cam footage continues with the officer engaging in a conversation with the property owner about the violation. The officer explains that due to public outcry, they are required to issue tickets to those not complying with the mandates. The property owner suggests a compromise, asking if everyone in the neighborhood wore masks and practiced social distancing, would that be acceptable?

Mob Rule and Personal Freedom

The officer’s response reveals a disturbing aspect of the enforcement strategy. The officer suggests that if a group of people makes enough noise, they can influence what activities are deemed acceptable. This concept of mob rule raises questions about personal freedom and the role of law enforcement in enforcing mandates without considering individual rights and freedoms.

Issuing a Ticket to the Property Owner

Despite the property owner’s attempts to find a solution, the officer ultimately issues a ticket to the individual. The officer explains that it is a civil penalty, similar to receiving a traffic ticket, and offers options to either pay the fine or take the matter to court. This approach seeks to avoid more serious charges and legal consequences for non-compliance.


The body cam footage and analysis provided in this article shed light on the dynamics between law enforcement, order followers, and the enforcement of mandates. It raises important questions about personal freedom, individual responsibility, and the potential abuse of power. We must continue to question the actions of those in authority and strive for a society that values personal autonomy and critical thinking above blind obedience.

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