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Cowley County, located between Winfield and Arkansas City in Kansas, is home to an exceptional piece of land that spans approximately 316 acres. Situated near the picturesque Walnut River, this property boasts a dense and diverse habitat that is unparalleled in the region. With abundant water sources, productive crop fields, and a sprawling prairie, these tracks offer remarkable bedding and breeding grounds for white-tailed deer, making it a hunting enthusiast’s dream. From its impressive elevation changes to its lush vegetation, this property stands out as a true treasure in the Sunflower State.

Unmatched Habitat Diversity

One of the main highlights of this property is the incredible habitat diversity it offers. With over 100 feet of elevation change from one end to the other, the land presents a unique topography that sets it apart from other farms in the area. A significant portion of the property is adorned with lush brush and trees, creating an ideal environment for deer to bed and breed. The diversity of trees found on the land is remarkable, ranging from majestic Oaks to delicate Pear trees. This varied vegetation provides ample cover and forage for the wildlife that calls this property home.

Abundant Water Sources

Water is a crucial resource for any habitat, and this property does not disappoint in that regard. With two ponds on-site and several active springs, there is a consistent and ample water supply for both wildlife and potential livestock. These water sources play a vital role in attracting and supporting a diverse array of flora and fauna, contributing to the overall ecosystem’s health and vitality.

Prepared for Hunting

For those looking to embark on a thrilling hunting experience, this property is perfectly set up. Strategic food plots have been established throughout the land, ensuring convenient locations for attracting game. Additionally, new banks blinds have been strategically placed, providing optimal vantage points for hunters. The combination of well-placed food plots and comfortable hunting blinds creates an ideal hunting environment, increasing the chances of a successful and enjoyable experience.

Location and Accessibility

The convenience of this property cannot be overstated. Situated just 15 minutes away from both Winfield and Arkansas City, it offers easy access to essential amenities and services. Furthermore, the property is only an hour’s drive from Wichita, making it easily accessible to a wider audience of potential buyers or individuals seeking a weekend retreat. Its proximity to urban centers allows for a harmonious blend of natural tranquility and modern convenience.


In conclusion, the Cowley County Kansas Land iAuction presents a unique opportunity for individuals interested in owning a diverse and abundant piece of land in the heart of Kansas. Its unmatched habitat diversity, abundant water sources, and well-prepared hunting grounds make it an ideal property for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike. Moreover, its prime location and accessibility ensure that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: the tranquility of nature and the convenience of nearby towns and cities. To find out more about this extraordinary property, please contact Joel Morris at 316-706-9587.

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