Danville KY Real Estate: A Hidden Gem in Kentucky’s Cost of Living

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Danville, Kentucky is a city that is often overlooked when it comes to real estate. However, this charming city has a lot to offer, especially in terms of the cost of living. In this article, we will explore the key points of the YouTube video titled “Danville KY Real Estate Has CHANGED πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² Cost of Living Kentucky” by Brad Simmons.

Exploring Danville, Kentucky

Brad Simmons begins the video by dispelling the stereotype that people in Kentucky have a certain accent. While there may be places where the accent is more prominent, it is not the norm throughout the state.

He takes viewers on a drive through Danville, pointing out the various establishments like Kroger, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks, TJ Maxx, and his personal favorite, Liquor Barn. He mentions that Liquor Barn is not a huge franchise, but it offers a wide selection of beers, bourbons, and wines, making it a great place to find gifts.

Affordable Real Estate in Danville

Simmons showcases a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with 1,500 square feet of space. He mentions that the asking price is around the low 200s, making it an affordable option for potential buyers.

He also mentions the presence of Tractor Supply, Lowe’s, Harbor Freight, and Ollie’s in the area, showcasing the convenience of shopping options in Danville.

Amenities and Medical Facilities

In terms of amenities, Danville offers a range of options. Simmons mentions a great Mexican restaurant, seven or eight Mexican restaurants in total, a new sushi joint, a Cattleman’s Steakhouse, and a Buffalo Wild Wings. He also notes that there are plenty of medical facilities in the city, including a hotel, dermatologists, a women’s doctor, an MRI machine, and periodontics. This makes Danville a convenient place for both personal and medical needs.

The Property in Detail

Returning to the showcased house, Simmons enters the property and explores its features. He highlights the spacious kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances and a pantry. The living room is also quite large, and there is a back deck that offers a nice outdoor space for grilling.

One exciting discovery is that the house has a basement and a garage, adding extra storage space and room for potential workshops. Simmons mentions that the house appears to be well-maintained and has a newer feel to it.

Additional Features and Closing Thoughts

Throughout the video, Simmons comments on various details he finds inside the house, such as the dimmable LEDs, a large ceiling fan, and the availability of storage space. He also shares his personal preferences, like the need for matching light bulbs and his affinity for tile flooring.

Towards the end of the video, Simmons encourages viewers to contact him if they are interested in the showcased property and emphasizes that if it doesn’t suit their needs, they can utilize the home finder on his website to find their ideal property.

Conclusion: A Welcoming City with Affordable Real Estate

In summary, Danville, Kentucky offers affordable real estate options and a range of amenities. The showcased three-bedroom, two-bathroom house provides ample space and is well-maintained. With its convenient location and abundance of medical facilities, Danville is an attractive place to live.

If you are looking for affordable real estate in a charming city with a low cost of living, Danville, Kentucky may be the perfect fit for you. Contact Brad Simmons to explore your options and experience the hidden gem that is Danville, Kentucky.

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