Darts Across America Exploring the Charm of Pittsfield Maine

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Discover the hidden gem of Pittsfield, Maine, through our exciting Darts Across America series! Win a $100 Amazon gift card by guessing our next destination!

Welcome to the third week of Darts Across America! This time, we hit Pittsfield, Maine. Join us as we explore this beautiful town and discover its unique charm. With a population of just 3,908 people, Pittsfield offers a small-town feel with big attractions.

Pittsfield is known for its annual Central Maine Egg Festival, a celebration of all things eggs. Whether you love eggs or simply enjoy eccentric festivals, Pittsfield is the place to be. Let’s dive into the heart of Pittsfield and explore what this town has to offer!

To truly experience the essence of Pittsfield, let’s take a look at the average cost of a house in this town. A beautiful colonial house caught our attention, listed at $399,000. This spacious property offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge kitchen, and a three-season porch. Additionally, it features a finished basement for a family room or a man cave. There is even a separate apartment, perfect for in-laws, potential renters, or simply enjoying a glass of wine in solitude.

Right across the street from this charming house is Manson Park, a local favorite. This park offers various outdoor activities, including swimming, fishing, and kayaking. If you’re a lover of nature and water, you’ll find joy in the proximity of Manson Park.

Now, let’s dive into the financial aspects of owning a house in Pittsfield. The property taxes for this $399,000 house are approximately $3,000 per year. To make it more affordable for potential buyers, we’ve analyzed two financing options: FHA and conventional loans.

With an FHA loan, you can purchase the house with a minimum down payment of 3.5%. This amounts to around $14,000, resulting in a mortgage payment of approximately $2,400 per month. On top of that, you’ll also pay around $180 per month for mortgage insurance, $254 for taxes, and an additional $100 for insurance. Overall, your monthly expenses will be around $2,930.

On the other hand, a conventional loan requires a 20% down payment. For this specific house, that amounts to $80,000. Although the upfront cost is higher, you’ll benefit from a lower mortgage payment of approximately $1,900 per month. Plus, there is no mortgage insurance. The taxes will cost you around $250 per month, and the insurance adds another $100. This results in a total monthly expense of approximately $2,250.

Comparing the two financing options, the conventional mortgage offers a monthly savings of $700. However, it requires a substantial down payment of $66,000. Each option has its pros and cons, and it’s important to evaluate which option aligns best with your financial goals and capabilities.

Unfortunately, the listing agent for this property in Pittsfield, Maine, only provides an email address. With a small-town population of approximately 3,900, it’s understandable why they may prefer not to publicly share their phone number. If you’re interested in this house or have any questions, simply reach out to them via email.

Is a $399,000 house in Pittsfield, Maine, with a monthly cost of $2,900 or $2,200 affordable for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel. By subscribing, you’ll stay updated with our latest adventures in the Darts Across America series.

Join us next time as we explore another exciting destination in the United States! Who knows where the dart will take us next?

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