Denton County Property Tax Breakdown Exploring the High Taxes in Texas

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Texas is known for many things – its size, its southern charm, and its affordability. However, there is one aspect of living in Texas that many people overlook or are surprised to discover: the high taxes on homes. In this article, we will delve into the world of property taxes in Texas, specifically in Denton County. We will explore the tax rates, the reasons behind their high figures, and how you can potentially reduce your tax burden. If you are considering a move or a purchase in Texas, this article is a must-read for you.

Understanding the High Tax Rates

Gus and Carla, local Realtors in the North Dallas area, shed light on the issue of high property taxes in Texas. While they acknowledge that the tax rates can be shocking for newcomers, they emphasize that it is not necessarily a bad thing. The taxes are allocated to valuable causes and contribute to various community amenities and services.

Additionally, Gus and Carla highlight that homeowners have the opportunity to apply for a homestead exemption. This exemption can help reduce the tax burden, and they suggest exploring it further in a separate video.

Exploring the Communities in Denton County

Gus and Carla proceed to discuss the tax rates in different communities within Denton County. They provide detailed information on each community, including the total tax rate, specific tax allocations, and homeowner association (HOA) fees.

  1. Sandbrock Ranch
  2. Total Tax Rate: 2.56%
  3. Tax Breakdown: County Tax (0.27%), Denton ISD (1.34%), Denton MUD (1%)
  4. HOA Fee: $860 per year or $216 per quarter

  5. Windridge

  6. Total Tax Rate: 2.02%
  7. Additional Tax: Neck-strip pin packs (varies by lot size)
  8. HOA Fee: $540 per year or $180 per quarter

  9. Sutton Fields

  10. Total Tax Rate: 2.29%
  11. Additional Tax: PID (varies)
  12. HOA Fee: $550 per year or $184 per quarter

  13. Union Park

  14. Total Tax Rate: 2.71%
  15. HOA Fee: $1,440 per year or $360 per quarter
  16. Note: Includes a basic security system and front lawn maintenance

  17. Silverado

  18. Total Tax Rate: 2.63%
  19. HOA Fee: $900 per year (paid twice a year)
  20. Note: On-site Elementary School

  21. Arrow Brook

  22. Total Tax Rate: 2.52%
  23. Note: No MUD or PID
  24. HOA Fee: $780 per year or $195 per quarter
  25. Note: Denton ISD

Understanding the Tax Breakdown and Allocations

Throughout the discussion, Gus and Carla highlight that the major portion of property taxes in these communities goes towards funding the respective ISDs. Understanding this breakdown is crucial for potential homeowners as it gives an insight into where their tax dollars are being allocated.

They also mention the significance of knowing whether a particular community has a MUD or PID, as this can significantly impact mortgage payments. It is advisable to consult with your lender or real estate agent to understand the specific tax implications in each neighborhood.

Navigating HOA Fees and Amenities

In addition to property taxes, HOA fees also play a role in homeownership costs. Gus and Carla provide detailed information on the HOA fees for each community they discuss. They emphasize that these fees often cover various amenities and services, such as pool maintenance and lawn care.

Understanding the HOA fees and what they entail is essential for potential residents, as it gives them an idea of the added benefits and conveniences that come with living in these communities.


In summary, property taxes in Texas, particularly in Denton County, can be quite high. However, they contribute to the development and maintenance of essential community amenities and services. By exploring different communities within the county, potential homeowners can gain a better understanding of the tax rates, their allocations, and the benefits they bring.

Gus and Carla encourage individuals interested in these communities to reach out to them for further assistance. They share their contact information and emphasize the importance of hitting the like button, subscribing, and turning on notifications for their channel to stay up to date with their content.

In conclusion, whether you are a current Texan or considering a move to the Lone Star State, understanding the property tax breakdown is essential. By being informed and exploring your options, you can make a well-informed decision and potentially alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with homeownership.

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