Deputy Prosecutor Shuts the Blinds and Blasts Copyrighted Music! Exposing Corruption in LaSalle County – Episode 8

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In this shocking episode, we witness an alarming case of corruption and abuse of power in LaSalle County. A deputy prosecutor attempts to interfere with a journalist, playing copyrighted music to obstruct the recording of evidence. The incident raises questions about the county’s commitment to transparency and the rule of law. Let’s dive into the details of this disturbing event and its implications for the community.

Locking Out the Journalist: A Dangerous Move

The journalist recounts how she was locked out of the building by county officials, a clear violation of fire safety regulations. Locking the doors during business hours not only poses a fire hazard but is also unlawful. This raises concerns about the accountability and legality of the county’s actions.

Violating Privacy in the Courtroom

One of the primary issues highlighted in the video is the lack of privacy in the courtroom. Although the journalist argues that the windows are open and anyone can listen in, it is the responsibility of the court to ensure privacy by covering the windows. Failure to do so infringes on the rights of those involved in legal proceedings. The journalist’s insistence on recording in the courtroom raises important questions about the balance between transparency and privacy.

Unresponsive Officials and False Reporting

The journalist reveals her frustration with the lack of response from law enforcement officials regarding her complaints against the sheriff. Despite having multiple complaints, none were taken seriously, and false reporting seemed to be a common practice. This calls into question the integrity of those responsible for upholding the law and enforcing justice within the county.

The Role of the State’s Attorney

Seeking assistance, the journalist attempts to speak with the state’s attorney or assistant state’s attorney. Unfortunately, her efforts are met with resistance and denial of services. The encounter further illustrates the lack of accountability and proper procedure within the state’s attorney’s office. The journalist’s mention of potential harassment by a particular individual adds another layer of concern regarding the conduct of county officials.

Fighting for Justice

Determined to expose the corruption and demand justice, the journalist refuses to be silenced. Despite the obstacles and attempts to hinder her reporting, she persists in her pursuit of truth and accountability. This unwavering commitment showcases the strength and resilience necessary to bring about change in the face of adversity.


The events witnessed in this episode of LaSalle County Corruption reveal a troubling reality underlying the county’s governance. From locking out journalists to violating privacy in the courtroom, there are clear violations of the law and a lack of transparency. The unresponsiveness and false reporting by law enforcement officials raise concerns about the integrity of those tasked with upholding justice. It is imperative that these issues are addressed and rectified to restore faith in the county’s judicial system. The journalist’s determination to fight for justice serves as a reminder that accountability and transparency are essential for a just and functioning society.

By shedding light on this incident, we hope to raise awareness and encourage citizens to hold their elected officials accountable. It is through collective action and the demand for change that we can pave the way for a fairer and more just future in LaSalle County.

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