Destroyed in Seconds The Bulldozer Rampage That Shook Granby Colorado

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In the picturesque town of Granby, Colorado, a devastating rampage unfolded, leaving the community in shock. This meticulously planned demolition project, however, was not the work of city engineers or construction workers. It was the brainchild of an angry man seeking revenge against those he believed wronged him. Marv Meier, the man inside the armor-plated bulldozer, unleashed chaos as he tore through buildings and vehicles, leaving behind a trail of destruction. This article explores the horrifying events of the bulldozer rampage, shedding light on the motives behind it and the aftermath that followed.

Key Points:

  1. The Grudge and Armored Preparations:

Marv Meier, an accomplished welder, harbored deep resentment towards many local businesses and individuals. Spending countless hours in secret workshops, he transformed a regular bulldozer into an unstoppable force. The dozer was outfitted with two sheets of half-inch steel plating with a layer of concrete sandwiched between them. This armor, paired with his cockpit equipped with assault rifles, ample ammunition, and video monitors for navigation, turned the bulldozer into a formidable weapon.

  1. Targeting Places and People:

With a burning desire for revenge, Marv Meier meticulously chose his targets. The bank, hardware store, concrete factory, and even the Town Hall were in his crosshairs. However, it was the police department, where he believed the most wrong had been done to him, that he particularly sought to annihilate. Not even the home of the town’s former mayor, nor the familiar Burger King, were spared from his rampage.

  1. The Inability to Stop the Unstoppable:

Local law enforcement and SWAT teams were called to the scene, attempting various strategies to halt the armored bulldozer. Despite their efforts, not even armor-piercing bullets could penetrate Meier’s homemade shield. The sheer strength of his creation, built with metal and concrete, rendered their weapons ineffective, leaving authorities perplexed and the town in a state of pandemonium.

  1. An Unexpected Hero Emerges:

Amidst the chaos, a heavy equipment operator mustered the courage to stand up against the bulldozer onslaught. Climbing behind the wheel of his front-end loader, he engaged in a dangerous game of chicken with Meier. However, the armored dozer proved too powerful, ramming the tractor off its path and continuing its relentless pursuit.

  1. Bringing an End to the Rampage:

Faced with an impending disaster, authorities seized a narrow opportunity to block Meier’s path. Using the front loader truck as a barrier, they managed to momentarily halt the bulldozer. As the civilian operator sought safety, Meier pushed his creation to its limits, causing the bulldozer to finally grind to a halt beneath the rubble of a steel building. With no way out, Meier chose to take his own life. It took several hours and the use of a cutting torch for officers to gain access to the cab of the homemade tank.

  1. Aftermath and Community Impact:

Thankfully, none of the townspeople were injured during the rampage. However, the cost of the destruction amounted to approximately seven million dollars. The community, left traumatized by the events, had to face the daunting task of rebuilding. The incident served as a stark reminder of the potential havoc that can be wreaked by an individual consumed by anger and resentment.


The bulldozer rampage that shook Granby, Colorado, remains etched in the town’s history as a chilling reminder of the destructive power of one person’s grudge. Marv Meier, with his armored bulldozer, unleashed chaos and devastation, targeting buildings and businesses he believed wronged him. While the community was fortunate to escape physical harm, the emotional and financial toll was significant. The incident serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of addressing grievances and conflicts in a constructive and peaceful manner. Granby, Colorado, rose from the ashes, stronger and more united, vowing to never forget the fateful day when their town was destroyed in seconds.

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