Drew Scott: From Property Brothers Star to Proud Father

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In the world of reality television, Canadian personality Drew Scott is a familiar face. Best known as the co-host of the popular home renovation program Property Brothers, Drew has carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry. However, his life goes beyond the glitz and glamour of show business. Drew is also a loving family man, and his journey to parenthood has been filled with joy, challenges, and ultimately, success.

A Love Story

Drew Scott’s personal life revolves around his wife, Linda Phan. The couple first crossed paths in 2010 at Toronto Fashion Week and soon began a romantic relationship. After dating for a few years, Drew popped the question in December 2016 during a luxurious dinner party. Their love story culminated in a stunning wedding in Italy in 2018, surrounded by 300 close friends and family members.

Unexpected Beginnings

In a surprising revelation, Drew and Linda shared that their Italian destination wedding wasn’t actually their first trip down the aisle. On their YouTube channel, “At Home with Linda and Drew Scott,” the couple revealed that they initially got married in a hot tub in Nashville, Tennessee. Instead of exchanging rings, they exchanged burgers. While it may sound unconventional, the couple’s unique wedding caught the attention of the Justice of Peace, who considered it the coolest thing she had ever seen.

The Journey to Parenthood

After their two weddings, Drew and Linda were ready to expand their family. However, their path to parenthood proved to be more challenging than they expected. Despite the obstacles, the couple did not give up. They made lifestyle changes, such as improving their diet, tracking ovulation, visiting doctors, and taking time for rest, meditation, and exercise.

Miracles Do Happen

Their efforts paid off when they received the news they had been longing for. Their doctor confirmed that they were expecting a child, bringing immense relief, happiness, and peace to the couple. In December 2021, Drew and Linda shared their joy with the world through a joint Instagram post, featuring pictures of Linda’s growing baby bump.

Welcoming Parker James

On May 12, 2022, Drew became a father for the first time at the age of 44, with the arrival of his and Linda’s son, Parker James. The couple announced the good news on their podcast, and almost three weeks later, they gave their fans an inside look at the renovated nature-themed nursery they had prepared for their newborn.

A Nature-Themed Nursery

The nursery features various remarkable elements, such as a jungle-themed wallpaper by Rebel Walls, which perfectly complements the light pink ceiling. The couple also showcased a refurbished cradle that had been in the family for 46 years, passed down from Drew and his brothers. The nursery also highlights a green sofa and a bar cart that doubles as a daybed, providing a place for one of them to stay overnight while watching over the baby.

Other charming details include stuffed animals from both Drew and Linda’s childhoods, closet hooks made from repurposed doorknobs, and contemporary pieces like the Globo five-light chandelier by Jonathan Adler and the Marin Olive cane dresser from Crate and Kids. The nature theme was chosen to create a whimsical, adventurous, and loving environment for their child.

Building a Home Together

Before starting their journey as parents, Drew and Linda had already renovated their Los Angeles home to make it their own. The interior of the house is marvelously designed, featuring a cream, green, black, and gold theme in the living room. The couple initially planned to remove the fireplace, but its unique geometric shape convinced them to keep it.

The master bedroom boasts a beautiful color scheme of black, cream, white, and brown, with a cozy bed and mattress where Drew and Linda can unwind and enjoy quality time together. The kitchen and dining room showcase a rectangular table as a centerpiece, custom shelving, and stunning light fixtures that add a touch of elegance to the space.

Building a Life Together

In conclusion, Drew Scott, the beloved star of Property Brothers, has embarked on an exciting new chapter in his life as a proud father. Despite facing challenges along the way, Drew and his wife, Linda Phan, never gave up on their dreams of starting a family. Their journey to parenthood serves as an inspiration to all those struggling with similar obstacles.

As they continue to create unforgettable memories in their beautifully renovated home, Drew and Linda are cherishing every moment of their new roles as parents. With their son, Parker James, by their side, they are building a life filled with love, adventure, and happiness.

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