Ellen DeGeneres’ Most Controversial Moments on Her Show

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Ellen DeGeneres is known for being one of the most beloved show hosts on television. Her show is known for its lightheartedness and entertainment value. However, there have been moments when Ellen has crossed the line and upset both her guests and her audience. In this article, we will delve into some of the most controversial moments on The Ellen Show and explore how Ellen managed to upset her guests.

1. Channing Tatum’s Doll Fear

During an episode of The Ellen Show in 2014, Channing Tatum, known for his role in “Magic Mike,” revealed that he had an irrational fear of dolls. Ellen, knowing about this fear, decided to take advantage of the situation. She presented Tatum with creepy porcelain dolls, which he found extremely unsettling. Ellen even went as far as invading his personal space with one of the dolls, causing Tatum to yell stop repeatedly. The prank left Tatum visibly uncomfortable and upset.

2. Misleading Gift Promise

In 2015, Ellen received a letter from a woman named Jamie Bells, who wanted to share her daughter’s story. Jamie Bell’s teenage daughter, a grade A student, was struggling to pay for her own tuition. Ellen decided to bring Jamie onto the show and announced that the company Shutterfly would cover her daughter’s tuition expenses. However, just as Jamie was about to hear the good news, Ellen’s producer informed her that Shutterfly would only be giving her a computer. The awkwardness escalated when Jamie pointed out that she already had a computer, which Ellen had mentioned a few seconds earlier. While Jamie graciously accepted the gift, it was clear that her hopes had been crushed.

3. Awkward Exchange with Katy Perry

Ellen loves to play games with her guests, and one particular game with Katy Perry took an awkward turn. Ellen created a game called “William Perry Me,” where Katy Perry had to choose between male celebrities to theoretically marry. Before the game began, Perry jokingly asked if she would have to marry again, to which Ellen responded that she had never been married. In actuality, Katy Perry was previously married to comedian Russell Brand. Ellen’s forgetfulness led to an uncomfortable moment, especially when Perry reminded Ellen that she had even received a wedding present from her on the show.

4. Confronting Guests On-Air

Ellen is known for her generosity towards her audience members, often offering free merchandise. However, during one episode, Ellen set up a hidden camera to test the honesty of her audience. She placed a table with free merch and a sign asking the audience to only take one item. While most people followed the instructions, two women helped themselves to multiple items. On-air, Ellen confronted the women, publicly shaming them for their dishonesty. The women were caught red-handed, with one of them admitting that she took extra items for her sister. Both were sent to “Ellen Jail” as a lesson in honesty.

5. Kanye West’s Strange Rant

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, and during his interview on The Ellen Show in 2016, he went on a lengthy and strange rant. Throughout the interview, Kanye made odd comments and even broke out into song. Although the audience watched with amusement and confusion, Ellen clearly didn’t know how to respond to Kanye’s behavior. While she stayed silent, her bewildered expressions spoke volumes. The most memorable moment was when Kanye mentioned asking Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas, only for Ellen to point out that it wasn’t daytime television anymore.

6. Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

Actress Kristen Bell appeared on The Ellen Show in 2012 and shared a heartwarming story about her then-fiancĂ©, Dax Shepard, surprising her with a sloth for her birthday. Kristen had always wanted to interact with a sloth, and the overwhelmed emotions led her to have a meltdown upon hearing about the surprise. Ellen, seizing the opportunity, joked about having a sloth present on the show, which caused Kristen to become emotional again. The moment became one of the show’s most memorable and endearing moments.

7. Caitlyn Jenner’s Views on Same-Sex Marriage

During Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on The Ellen Show in 2015, the conversation took a turn when the topic of same-sex marriage came up. Caitlyn referred to herself as a “traditionalist” and initially expressed her lack of support for same-sex marriage. Although she claimed that her views had evolved over time, Ellen expressed her annoyance and even challenged Caitlyn on her judgment about same-sex marriage. The tension between the two continued in a later interview with Howard Stern.

8. Charlize Theron’s Game Mishap

In 2013, Charlize Theron appeared on The Ellen Show, where she played a game of celebrity guessing with Ellen. However, the game did not go as smoothly as planned. Theron struggled to guess certain celebrities, wasting time on individuals not mentioned in Ellen’s clues. When Theron only managed to guess one celebrity, she playfully blamed Ellen for not providing helpful clues. Although it was all in good fun, Theron’s playful frustration added an element of awkwardness to the segment.

In conclusion, while Ellen DeGeneres is known for her comedic talents and entertaining show, there have been moments when she has upset her guests. Whether it’s through pranks, misleading promises, or uncomfortable exchanges, these controversial moments have left a lasting impression on both the guests and the audience. Nevertheless, Ellen continues to be a beloved and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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