**Exercising First Amendment Rights at Hillsborough Town Hall: A First Amendment Audit**

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Hillsborough Town Hall

In this article, we will be discussing a recent incident that occurred at the Hillsborough Town Hall in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. A YouTuber, known as Press NH Now, conducted a First Amendment audit at the town hall to test if his rights to film in a public space were respected. This article will provide a detailed account of the incident, highlighting the key points, and exploring the implications of such encounters.

Hillsborough Town Hall: A Public Building

The incident begins with Press NH Now entering the Hillsborough Town Hall, equipped with a camera to film his interaction with the officials at the town hall. The YouTuber explores the town hall, showcasing various areas such as the Hillsborough Memorial, dedicated to honoring the service rendered by its citizens during times of war.

As Press NH Now continues his exploration, he encounters several employees of the town hall, including the town clerk and the tax collector. He politely introduces himself and requests permission to film. However, one employee, referred to as Karen by Press NH Now, insists that he must wear a mask and attempts to impose her own rules. Press NH Now asserts his rights, stating that as a public building, the town hall should abide by the laws that govern public spaces.

Resisting Imposed Mask Mandates

A major point of contention in the encounter at the Hillsborough Town Hall is the mandatory mask mandate. Press NH Now argues that the mask mandate is not backed by law and therefore should not be enforced in a public building. Karen, the employee, cites the town’s policy regarding masks, but Press NH Now maintains that policies are not equivalent to laws. He reiterates his right to film without a mask and asserts that he is exempt from wearing one.

As the conversation escalates, other town hall employees get involved, including the health officer and the code enforcement officer. Press NH Now continues to defend his rights and question the legality of the mask mandate. The situation becomes more heated, with Karen asserting her authority and demanding that Press NH Now leave the premises if he refuses to wear a mask.

Asserting First Amendment Rights

Throughout the encounter, Press NH Now relies heavily on the First Amendment to defend his actions. He argues that as a citizen of the United States, he has the right to film in public spaces and that the town hall is a public building. He emphasizes that his intention is to conduct a First Amendment audit, testing whether the town hall respects his rights as a citizen.

Press NH Now continues to film the interaction and confronts the employees who attempt to restrict his filming. He requests a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) form to make a formal request for any videos or photos that were taken of him during the incident. Despite the resistance from some of the employees, Press NH Now remains steadfast in asserting his rights and exercising his freedom of the press.

Implications and Conclusion

The incident at the Hillsborough Town Hall raises important questions about the limits of authority and the scope of individual rights within public spaces. Press NH Now’s audit serves as a reminder of the significance of the First Amendment and the importance of holding public institutions accountable for upholding the rights of citizens.

This encounter sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding mask mandates and the extent to which they can be enforced in public buildings. The discussions and conflicts that arise during the incident highlight the tensions between personal freedoms and public health concerns.

In conclusion, the First Amendment audit conducted by Press NH Now at the Hillsborough Town Hall provides a thought-provoking examination of the limits and privileges associated with our constitutional rights. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining open dialogue and vigilance in preserving individual liberties.

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