**Exploring Dixie Co. FL Courthouse: A Comprehensive Tour**

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Welcome to the latest article from Rogue Nation, where we will be taking you on a virtual tour of the Dixie County Courthouse in Cross City, Florida. In this article, we will explore the courthouse, discuss the administrative regulations impacting filming, and shed light on the various buildings and departments housed within the county complex. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of this small but significant courthouse in Dixie County.

The Dixie County Courthouse

Situated in Cross City, Florida, the Dixie County Courthouse is known for its small size and rich history. As we approach the courthouse, we are greeted by the sight of the Ten Commandments display located outside the entrance. However, our ability to film within the courthouse will depend on the specific administrative order in place. Some counties allow filming, while others do not.

Exploring the County Buildings

Upon entering the courthouse, we are met with a complex comprising various county buildings. We take a moment to appreciate the architectural marvel that stands before us, knowing that it holds within it the heart of the community.

As we embark on our tour, we encounter a kind staff member who allows us to explore the building freely. We observe a wall plaque created in 1921 which highlights the significance of child support, traffic, and criminal matters. This plaque serves as a historic reminder of the county’s commitment to justice and the legal system.

First Amendment Audits

At this point, we take a moment to explain the concept of First Amendment audits. As an independent journalist, our purpose is to exercise our First Amendment rights by freely walking around public places with a camera. These audits aim to ensure that these rights are respected and protected. However, there are instances where individuals may confront us, leading to potential conflicts.

A Pleasant Encounter

During our tour, we come across a friendly lady who is aware of our presence. She kindly offers her assistance and informs us that there is a security officer who may wish to speak with us. However, we reassure her that we mean no harm and are simply documenting the public service aspects of the courthouse.

The Building’s History

Continuing our journey through the courthouse, we stumble upon several plaques that commemorate the renovation and honor the inmates. These plaques provide a glimpse into the history of the building and the efforts made to maintain its integrity. With sections added in 1965, the courthouse has undergone various transformations over the years.

Dixie County Sheriff’s Office

As we explore further, we reach the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office. This central hub serves as the main sheriff’s office for the county. However, it is important to note that despite rumors, we are not associated with any official organization. Our only objective is to bring awareness to the public through independent journalism.

City Hall and Police Department

Directly adjacent to the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office, we find City Hall and the City Police Department. It becomes apparent that this area functions as a records department for the county, ensuring that citizens have access to the information they need. Though we do not require any records, we appreciate the significance they hold for the community.


We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of the Dixie County Courthouse in Cross City, Florida. Throughout our exploration, we aimed to shed light on the courthouse, its history, and the administrative regulations surrounding filming. By exercising our First Amendment rights through independent journalism, we strive to ensure that the public is aware of their rights within these public spaces. Join us again for more exciting adventures as we continue our exploration of significant locations across the nation. Stay tuned for the next installment from Rogue Nation.

“Discover the Rich Heritage of the Dixie County Courthouse in Cross City, FL”

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