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In this informative interview, Commissioner David Gerregano provides valuable insights into the sales tax collections and the rise of online sales in Cullman County. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, the county has experienced significant growth in revenue, surpassing projections by an astonishing $2 billion.

Sales tax collections have seen a remarkable increase, with the first quarter of this fiscal year showing a 20% growth compared to the previous year. Commissioner Gerregano attributes this growth to overall sectoral improvements, including retail, services, and non-retail sectors. Interestingly, even sectors heavily impacted by the pandemic, such as restaurants, hotels, and amusement, have shown robust growth, surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

When delving into specific sectors, the commissioner highlights the impact of online sales. Grocery stores, for instance, experienced a surge in sales during the height of the pandemic, and though there has been a slight decline compared to that peak, they are still up by 10% from pre-pandemic levels. Furthermore, bookstores and newsstands have seen a steady decline, while most sectors have fully recovered and continue to show growth.

Amidst this positive news, Commissioner Gerregano emphasizes the need for caution due to the uncertainty surrounding inflation and supply chain issues. While these concerns loom large, there is no indication at present that they have had a specific impact on collections. With a three-month cycle of looking back at sales tax filings, it becomes challenging to discern the precise effects of factors like inflation and supply chains. However, the commissioner assures that they will closely monitor these factors as they move forward.

Turning the focus towards online sales, Commissioner Gerregano discusses the notable increase in sales tax collections attributed to a combination of the pandemic and legislative changes. In the last fiscal year, online sales accounted for over a third of the growth in sales tax revenue. While some increase in online purchasing can be attributed to the pandemic, it is expected that online sales will maintain a higher level even as normalcy returns. The growth rate, though, is projected to moderate as a result of legislation changes pertaining to online sellers and marketplace facilitators.

Taking a closer look at the numbers, October 2021 collections reveal a year-over-year growth in state sales tax collections of $170 million, with one-third of that growth coming from newly registered sellers and marketplace facilitators. Half of this growth is from direct online sellers, while the other half is from marketplace facilitator collections. It’s important to note that the marketplace facilitator requirement went into effect in October of the previous year, making these numbers an important benchmark.

Looking ahead, Commissioner Gerregano anticipates that the growth in online sales will be more built into the base, resulting in more consistent and moderate growth. While there may still be fluctuations in the early months as the legislation settles in, the long-term trend is expected to be stable.

Overall, Cullman County has seen remarkable success in revenue generation, with strong sales tax collections and the rise of online sales. The future looks promising, with cautionary measures in place to monitor the impact of factors like inflation and supply chain challenges. As the landscape evolves, Cullman County remains vigilant in managing its revenue and ensuring continued growth and prosperity.

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