Get 80+ Kitchen Remodeling Leads Per Month Using This Guide

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Are you a kitchen remodeling company looking to generate more leads? In this article, we will explore how a successful kitchen remodeling company is able to generate a high volume of leads using Google ads and Facebook ads. We will also examine their key landing pages and discuss the strategies they use to convert traffic into leads.

Reborn Home Solutions is a kitchen remodeling company that has been able to generate enough leads to support multiple locations and a staff of 55 to 70 members. With an estimated annual revenue of $55 million to over $100 million, they are doing something right. Let’s take a closer look at their lead generation strategies.

First, let’s examine their Facebook ads. Reborn Home Solutions has been running ads on Facebook, Google, and YouTube. They change their ads every two to three weeks, testing different strategies to see what works best. One method they use is sending traffic to a landing page, while also utilizing lead generation ads with the lead form within the Facebook ads platform.

There are pros and cons to both methods. Lead generation ads allow Facebook to collect data on who converted, making it easier to optimize campaigns. However, there is a loss of accuracy in the data transfer from Facebook to the landing page due to recent updates like iOS 14 and 15. On the other hand, sending traffic to a landing page allows for more value to be conveyed to the prospect, but there is a greater risk of data loss.

When it comes to the ad content itself, Reborn Home Solutions uses carousel imagery to showcase before and after transformations. However, it is important to ensure that the photos are taken from the same angle to clearly demonstrate the transformation. Adding text to the images can also help make the before and after distinction more apparent.

Moving on to their landing pages, Reborn Home Solutions includes a chat box that appears on the page. This can be automated or manned by staff members to provide immediate assistance to potential leads. The landing page itself could benefit from a stronger value proposition, clearly stating why their service is the best choice over competitors or doing nothing. They do mention an affordable upgrade that doesn’t compromise quality, but could expand on this with more emotional appeals and specific details.

The call to action on the landing page offers savings of up to $1000 and the chance to win up to 10 free draws. However, this is de-emphasized by the dark gray color scheme, making it less noticeable. It is important to clearly set the expectations of what happens when someone fills out the form and to highlight the incentives of the offer.

The landing page also includes information about the remodeling process and why potential leads should choose Reborn Home Solutions. This could be presented more effectively using bullet points to quickly convey the key points. Additionally, they mention a zero-risk remodel program, which is a significant selling point and should be prominently featured on the landing page.

Overall, Reborn Home Solutions has been able to generate a high volume of leads through their targeted advertising and optimized landing pages. By continually testing and refining their strategies, they have found a successful formula for attracting and converting leads. If you are a kitchen remodeling company looking to increase your lead generation, take inspiration from Reborn Home Solutions’ tactics and adapt them to fit your own business model.

In conclusion, by implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can generate a steady stream of kitchen remodeling leads. Through targeted advertising, optimized landing pages, and value-driven content, you can attract and convert potential customers into solid leads. Keep in mind the importance of showcasing before and after transformations and clearly communicating the value of your services. With the right approach, you can achieve success in generating kitchen remodeling leads.

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