Haunting of an Abandoned Village: Unveiling Paranormal Activity at Auglaize Village

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In a small village located in Auglaize County, Ohio, lies the remnants of history and the undead. Welcome to Auglaize Village, a place where buildings from different eras have been relocated to preserve their historical significance. However, this preservation comes with a price – paranormal activity. In this article, we will explore the eerie encounters and chilling experiences reported by visitors and volunteers of Auglaize Village. From spectral sightings to unexplained events, this abandoned village has become a paranormal hotspot.

The History of Auglaize Village

Auglaize Village was established in 1969 as an effort to rescue historical buildings from demolition. Donated land became the new home for various structures, including a doctor’s office, an old post office, a church, a school, a train station, and even a military museum. Although all these buildings were relocated within a 10-mile radius, they seem to have brought more than just bricks and mortar – they brought their own haunted pasts.

Eerie Encounters in a One-Room School

The Sherry School, a one-room schoolhouse built in the early 1900s, has become a hotbed for paranormal activity. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, feeling cold chills, and witnessing unexplainable events. One volunteer recalls a particularly intense experience when a dark figure grabbed his shorts, sending him and a group of Girl Scouts into a frenzy.

Captivating Conversations and Mysterious Voices

St. John’s Lutheran Church, now part of Auglaize Village, holds its own secrets. Visitors have reported the presence of a lady named Karen, whose voice has been captured on audio recordings. Additionally, there seems to be a male entity watching from the back of the church. Some guests have even seen figures peering into the windows. These spirits, believed to be attached to the organ or the church itself, make St. John’s Lutheran Church an otherworldly place.

Stirring Up Ghostly Troublemakers

The two-story Kenner cabin has a rich history, with eight children growing up within its walls. Visitors have reported hearing sounds of children playing upstairs and experiencing unusual activity. Mr. Kenner, the former owner, apparently does not appreciate overstaying guests. He makes his displeasure known when visitors linger for too long. Moving the cabin from its original location seems to have unsettled Mr. Kenner, who holds on to his home even in the afterlife.

A Historic Building with a Haunting Past

The military museum at Auglaize Village has a unique story to tell. During World War II, the building served as a housing area for German prisoners of war. This history adds an eerie energy to the space. Visitors have reported hearing German responses during ghost box sessions and witnessing shadowy figures blocking light sources. With an abundance of energy, this relatively small building holds the potential for intense paranormal encounters.

Beginning the Investigation

As paranormal investigators, the team from Paranormal Quest is ready to unveil the mysteries within Auglaize Village. Splitting up between the schoolhouse and the church, Dave and his team investigate the schoolhouse, hoping to interact with the mischievous spirit named Michael. Armed with a variety of equipment, including a rim pod, a music box, and a ghost tube, they prepare for an evening of communication and possible ghostly encounters. Meanwhile, the other team sets up thermal imaging cameras inside the church, where Carol, a protective entity, is said to linger.


Auglaize Village is not your ordinary abandoned village. It is a place where history intertwines with the supernatural. From the Sherry School to St. John’s Lutheran Church, the Kenner cabin, and the military museum, each building holds its own secrets and restless spirits. Visitors to Auglaize Village have felt the presence of entities, heard disembodied voices, and encountered unexplainable phenomena. This abandoned village serves as a chilling reminder that the past never truly fades away.

If you dare to experience the paranormal, venture into Auglaize Village. But beware, for what you discover may haunt you long after you’ve left this forgotten place.

Please note that the events and encounters described in this article are based on witness testimonies and may not be scientifically or empirically proven.

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