Hear Public Comments Before Approval of Special Property Tax by Midland and Gladwin Commissioners

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In a recent public meeting, concerned citizens voiced their opinions about the proposed special property tax being considered by the Midland and Gladwin commissioners. The tax, if approved, would allocate funds towards repairing infrastructure and restoring the four lakes in the area.

The meeting was attended by individuals who have been directly affected by the damage caused by recent events, such as the dam failures in Sanford and Edenville. These individuals have had to endure hardship and are now focused on rebuilding their communities and restoring property values.

One citizen expressed their desire to have their lake restored and emphasized the importance of everyone sharing the cost of the restoration equally. They pointed out that the proposed tax should not disproportionately burden the residents of Eanville and Sanford, and that the responsibility should be shared among all four lakes.

Another concern raised during the meeting was the lack of transparency in the decision-making process. The citizens urged the commissioners to investigate the delegated authority that was used to make the decision. They expressed their frustration at being left out of the decision-making process and emphasized the need for more transparency in such matters.

Despite the concerns raised, there were also proponents of the tax who highlighted the potential benefits it could bring to the community. They argued that approving the tax would not only fund much-needed infrastructure projects but would also have long-term economic benefits. It was stated that the tax would help retain or even improve property values, benefiting the entire local community and the surrounding areas.

Another issue brought up during the meeting was the operation of the lake gates. Some residents expressed frustration at the gates not being closed, which they believed was the reason for the loss of their lake. They called for action to be taken to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Additionally, concerns about nepotism within the decision-making process were raised. Some citizens accused the task force responsible for the lakes’ restoration of being self-appointed and having personal connections to the commissioners. They voiced their discontent with nepotism and called for a fair and unbiased decision-making process.

In conclusion, the public meeting provided an opportunity for citizens to express their opinions and concerns about the potential special property tax. The residents emphasized the need for equal distribution of the financial burden, increased transparency in decision-making, and the importance of preserving their lakes and property values. On the other hand, supporters of the tax highlighted the economic benefits it could bring and the potential for improved infrastructure and community development. The commissioners will carefully consider the public comments and make a decision that will serve the best interests of all residents.

If you want more updates about this issue, stay tuned for further announcements from the Midland and Gladwin commissioners.

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