How a Remodeling Company Can Generate 5 Free Leads Per Week

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If you’re a remodeling company looking for effective and affordable ways to generate leads, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through a simple marketing setup that has proven to be successful in getting five high-quality leads per week. Forget about those expensive marketing companies making false promises, because we’re about to reveal the fundamentals that have worked for our construction company for years.

The Basics Still Work

You don’t need to overcomplicate things or spend a fortune on new marketing techniques. The basics that worked 10 to 20 years ago when the internet was just emerging still work today. All you need is a website and a strong presence on Google. Let’s break down the simple setup that has been generating consistent leads for our company.

1. Google Maps Box

When people in our city search for specific remodeling services, such as “bathroom remodel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho,” our company, NL Kyle Construction, appears in the Google Maps box at the top of the search results. This top-ranking placement is intentional because we want to be the first option potential clients see, even before they encounter paid ads. Many people skip ads, so it’s crucial to make sure your company stands out in organic search results.

2. A Simple and Informative Website

When users click on our website link, they are greeted with a clean and straightforward design. Our website showcases relevant information about our company and displays images of completed remodeling projects. The main goal is to provide users with exactly what they were searching for and give them a seamless user experience. A clear “Request a Meeting” button allows interested prospects to easily start the process.

3. A Strategic Form

Once a user clicks on the “Request a Meeting” button, they are directed to a form where they can provide their details. As soon as they fill out the form and hit “Enter,” we receive a text message alert, notifying us of a new lead. This approach allows us to reach out promptly to potential clients who show serious interest in our services.

4. A Convenient Calendar

If we don’t contact the lead immediately after receiving their form submission, they are redirected to a calendar page. This page allows them to choose a convenient time for us to visit their house and discuss their remodeling project. By limiting our availability to Fridays, we ensure that our schedule is well-organized and that we can focus on delivering quality service throughout the week.

5. Tracking Calls from Google Maps

In addition to leads from the website form, we also receive calls directly from the Google Maps listing. The dashboard provided by Google enables us to monitor the number of calls we receive through this listing. In the last month alone, we’ve received 10 calls from potential clients who discovered our business through the Google Maps box. This demonstrates the effectiveness of having a strong presence in local search results.

6. Results That Speak for Themselves

By implementing this marketing setup, we consistently generate at least five high-quality leads per week, without spending a dime on advertising or relying on third-party lead generation platforms. This strategy is not exclusive to the remodeling industry; it can be applied to various service-based businesses, including plumbing, groundwater, and pump contractors. It’s a proven setup that ensures your company stays ahead of competitors and secures valuable customers.

Don’t Miss Out on Potential Customers

Even if you already have a website and appear on Google, it’s crucial to evaluate whether you’re receiving an adequate number of phone calls and converting leads into customers. If not, something might be amiss in your marketing approach. At Adapt Digital Solutions, we specialize in optimizing digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to have a closer look at your current setup and explore the potential to grow your business using the internet.

In conclusion, the key to generating leads for your remodeling company lies in the simplicity and effectiveness of your marketing setup. By focusing on the basics, such as having a strong Google presence and providing a seamless user experience, you can consistently attract high-quality leads. Don’t let your competitors snatch away potential customers. Embrace this proven marketing strategy and watch your business thrive.

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