How to Appeal Your Property’s Assessed Value and File an Appeal Online in Douglas County, Oregon

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As a property owner in Douglas County, Oregon, you may have concerns about your property valuations for the year 2023. The Douglas County Assessor’s Office understands your concerns and has implemented an easy and convenient appeal process for property owners like you. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of filing an appeal online and provide helpful information to make the process smoother.

Step 1: Accessing the Douglas County Assessor’s Office Website

To begin the appeal process, visit the official website of the Douglas County Assessor’s Office. You can either directly go to or search for “Douglas County Assessor’s Office” on Google. Once you land on the assessor homepage, locate the search box and enter your property address. This will take you to the property details page where you can find essential information about your property, including building and land data, historic value information, recent sales activity, and details about tax authorities that receive payments from the property owner.

Step 2: Understanding Sales Data

The assessor’s office has recently added a document section to provide historic and current notices, evaluations, and notices of determination. You can find sales data from the study period used to determine the value of your property. Under the ownership information link, click on “View Neighborhood Sales” to access the “Copper” application. This application displays the sales from the study period that the assessor’s staff will analyze during the appeal process. It is crucial to review these sales as they are the same sales you should consider when including sales in your assessment appeal.

Step 3: Filing an Appeal Online

If, after reviewing the sales, you decide to file an appeal, go back to the property details page and hover over the “Actions and Link” button on the top right of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select “Appeals.” This will take you to the Douglas County Assessor Appeals content page, where you will find three choices for filing an appeal of your 2023 property assessment. Choose the option “Appeal Online” to proceed with filing your appeal digitally.

Step 4: Starting the Online Appeal

Once you select the “Appeal Online” option, you will be redirected to the online appeals landing page. Start by entering your property address once again to search for the specific parcel you want to appeal. The search results will display all matching properties. Select the property you are interested in appealing to proceed.

Step 5: Entering Personal Information and Reasons for Appeal

After selecting the property, you will arrive at the appeals landing page with three options. Choose the option to “File an Appeal.” Read the provided information screen, and when ready, click “Start Appeal” to proceed. On the file details screen, enter your full name, email address (entered twice for confirmation), and other necessary personal information. Accuracy in providing your email address is crucial as it will be used for further correspondence.

Step 6: Submitting the Appeal and Providing Additional Information

On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your opinion of value for the property as of the appraisal date, which is June 30th, 2022. Additionally, provide the reasons for filing the appeal, such as nearby properties selling for lower prices during the study period or different purchase amounts within the same period. The system allows you to enter additional comments to support your appeal. You also have the option to view similar property sales and attach them to your appeal.

Step 7: Attaching Comparable Property Sales and Uploading Documentation

One of the significant advantages of the online appeals application is the ability to search for comparable properties in your neighborhood and include them as supporting evidence. Open the “Similar Property Sales” section and filter through the available comparables. Select the properties that best align with your argument for a lower valuation and save them to attach to your appeal. Furthermore, the application allows you to upload up to five files, with a maximum size of 20 megabytes each. Take advantage of this feature if you have additional documentation to support your appeal.

Step 8: Reviewing and Submitting Your Appeal

Once you have attached comparable property sales and uploaded any necessary documentation, hit the “Next” button to proceed. You will now reach the summary screen, where you can review all the information you have provided. It is crucial to carefully review everything before submitting, as once the appeal is submitted, you will not be able to make any changes through the application. Review the summary screen thoroughly and ensure all the information is accurate. When you are ready, click “Submit Appeal” at the bottom of the screen.


Filing an appeal for your property’s assessed value in Douglas County, Oregon, is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily appeal online and provide the necessary information and supporting documentation. Remember, the deadline to file an appeal is June 8th. The assessor’s office will review your submission and render a decision by August 15th. If you prefer, you can also file an appeal by mail or in person. Rest assured, the Douglas County Assessor’s Office is here to provide assistance throughout the appeal process.

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