How to Generate targeted B2C Leads via LinkedIn + Facebook? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

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In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to run a highly targeted B2C lead generation campaign using LinkedIn and Facebook. This method ensures GDPR compliance and allows you to send relevant emails to potential leads. We will take insights from a successful campaign run for a company called Play Your Core in the United States.


Play Your Core, a company offering membership programs and coaching services based on local tennis meetups across the United States, wanted to maximize their paid traffic and social media channels. They were looking for additional ways to drive traction and attract people interested in tennis. Through using LinkedIn and Facebook, we were able to target and capture potential leads for Play Your Core.

Step 1: Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We started by utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator to search for individuals that mention tennis in their profiles. This allowed us to narrow down our search to people who have a specific interest in tennis. By combining keywords and boolean search filters, we searched for profiles containing both “tennis” and “football” as an example. This search yielded approximately 104,000 results, of which nearly 10,000 were active in the past 30 days on LinkedIn.

Step 2: Email Outreach Campaign

With the search results, we had an opportunity to collect email addresses and run an effective email outreach campaign. We personalized our emails based on the information gathered from the LinkedIn profiles. For example, we would mention in the email that we found the person’s location and their interest in tennis. Here is an example of an email sent:

“Hi Alex, I found your LinkedIn profile, and it looks like you’re based in Venice California and play tennis. I’ve been having trouble finding local tennis players to play against according to my schedule. I thought you might have a similar issue, and I wanted to introduce you to Play Your Core. They have been a godsend for me in finding regular tennis matches. Take a look at the link and let me know what you think. Thanks again, Sharon.”

Step 3: LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

In addition to the email outreach campaign, we can also run LinkedIn outreach campaigns on behalf of your business. This involves building or using existing profiles within your company or business and sending personalized LinkedIn messages to potential leads. This method allows us to target individuals with publicly stated interests in any field on LinkedIn.

Step 4: Using Facebook Groups

Similar to LinkedIn, we can gather data from Facebook groups and target individuals based on their interests. By searching for relevant groups related to tennis, we can obtain personal data and start email campaigns. For example, there are several tennis-related groups on Facebook, each with a significant number of members. We can collect email addresses from these groups to expand our reach and target potential leads.


By leveraging the power of LinkedIn and Facebook, we can run highly targeted B2C lead generation campaigns. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we can identify individuals with specific interests mentioned in their profiles, enabling us to send personalized emails. Additionally, through LinkedIn outreach campaigns and gathering data from Facebook groups, we can further expand our reach and connect with potential leads.

If you have any questions or would like to explore these strategies further, feel free to reach out. The success of our campaigns for Play Your Core and other companies proves the effectiveness of this approach. Contact us today to grow your B2C channels.

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