How to Make Automatic Transfers on Vanguard: A Comprehensive Guide

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Making automatic transfers on Vanguard is an essential part of managing your investments, allowing you to consistently invest without manual effort. This article will guide you through the process of setting up automatic transfers, whether for retirement accounts like IRAs or regular taxable accounts.

Key Points

  • Understanding the Dashboard: Vanguard’s user interface is easy to navigate once you understand the various elements.
  • Setting Up Automatic Transfers: Allows you to have consistent investments.
  • Editing Investment Amounts and Frequency: You can personalize the investment according to your needs.
  • Allocating Investments: Choose between percentage, dollar, or equally.
  • Submitting and Confirming the Changes: A confirmation number assures that the changes are set.

Step-by-Step Process to Make Automatic Transfers on Vanguard

Step 1: Log In to Your Vanguard Account

Start by logging into your Vanguard account and hover over ‘My Accounts’. Click on ‘Buy and Sell’.

Step 2: Set Up Automatic Transfers

Click on ‘Set up an automatic transaction’. This will bring up various options, including ‘Automatic investment’.

Step 3: Choose Your Account

Select the appropriate accounts, such as Roth IRAs or regular IRAs, and understand the investments going in every month or week.

Step 4: Edit Your Investments

Click on ‘Edit’ if you want to change anything. This will allow you to set the bank, frequency, duration, and the amount you want to invest weekly or monthly.

Step 5: Allocate Your Investment

Choose the allocation method, either by percentage, by dollar, or equally, and ensure that the percentages equal out to 100.

Step 6: Confirm Your Changes

Once everything is in place, click on ‘Continue’, then ‘Submit’, and you will receive a confirmation number.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Vanguard Account: Your central hub for managing investments.
  2. Automatic Investment Option: A feature in Vanguard to make consistent investments.
  3. Investment Allocation Methods: Different ways to split your investment among various funds.
  4. Confirmation Number: Proof that your changes have been made successfully.


Understanding how to make automatic transfers on Vanguard can simplify your investment process and make managing your portfolio more efficient. Following this step-by-step guide ensures that you have complete control over how and where your money is being invested.

For further learning, make sure to check out other resources or reach out to a Vanguard representative. By taking the time to set up automatic investments properly, you can enjoy a more streamlined investment experience and potentially see greater growth in your financial future.

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