How to Outsource Lead Generation to Get Thousands of Leads

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In today’s competitive business landscape, lead generation is crucial for the success of any agency. Without a steady stream of leads, it becomes difficult to serve clients and achieve desired results. However, finding and generating leads can be a time-consuming and challenging task. In this video, Sukh Bains, a social media marketing agency owner, shares his strategy for outsourcing lead generation, where someone else generates potential leads for his business. By following his step-by-step process, he has been able to get thousands of leads at a fraction of the cost.

Why Lead Generation is Important for Agencies

As an agency owner, the number one thing you need in your business is leads. These leads enable you to provide services to clients and help them achieve their goals. Initially, when Sukh started his agency, he found it difficult to scrape leads and gather contact information. It was a time-consuming process that took away valuable time that could be spent on client work. This led him to explore outsourcing as a solution to this challenge.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

Outsourcing lead generation offers several benefits, including cost savings and increased efficiency. By hiring someone from a third-world country or a low-cost freelancer, Sukh was able to generate leads for as little as 10 cents or even less. This is significantly cheaper than the time and effort it would take to generate leads manually. Additionally, outsourcing allows agency owners to focus on client work and outreach, as the lead generation process is taken care of by a dedicated freelancer.

Finding the Right Outsourcing Platform

There are several websites where you can find and outsource lead generation services. Sukh recommends using, which allows you to post a contest and have freelancers compete to generate the best leads. Other platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can also be useful for finding freelancers, but offers the advantage of a contest format that ensures you only pay for quality leads.

Setting Up a Contest on

To set up a contest on, start by posting a project and providing clear instructions to the freelancers. Specify the type of leads you’re looking for, the qualification requirements, and any other relevant details. Consider providing examples or even making a screen recording to give freelancers a better understanding of your expectations. In Sukh’s example, he set a $30 prize and asked freelancers to submit at least 10 leads. Based on the entries, he chose the freelancer with the best leads to continue generating more leads on a long-term basis.

Negotiating with Freelancers

When negotiating with freelancers, be willing to pay a fair price based on their experience and the number of leads you need. It’s important to establish a long-term working relationship with freelancers to ensure a consistent supply of leads. By offering them a steady stream of work, you can negotiate lower prices. Communicate your budget and the number of leads you require, and be open to negotiating the price per lead.

Collecting and Verifying Leads

Once the freelancer starts generating leads, you’ll receive a list of potential clients with their company names, websites, contact information, and social media profiles. Take the time to verify the leads to ensure their quality. Once you’ve confirmed that the leads meet your criteria, release payment to the freelancer and add the leads to your lead sheet or CRM. From there, you can start reaching out to these leads through email, phone calls, and other marketing strategies.

The Long-Term Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

By outsourcing lead generation, you can save valuable time and focus on client work and outreach. It also allows you to scale your business by consistently generating a high volume of quality leads at an affordable cost. With a dedicated freelancer handling lead generation, you can allocate your resources more efficiently and maximize your agency’s growth potential.

In conclusion, outsourcing lead generation is a strategic approach to acquiring a large volume of quality leads at a fraction of the cost and effort it would take to generate them manually. By utilizing platforms like, agency owners can find skilled freelancers to consistently generate leads for their business. This method allows for scalability and increased efficiency, enabling agency owners to focus on serving clients and achieving desired results.

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