Iberia Parish Assessor: Ensuring a Bright Future for Our Community

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In a recent video on the Iberia Parish Government’s YouTube channel, Mr. Eugene Olivier opened the meeting with a prayer, asking for guidance and blessings as they discussed the future of the parish. The video highlights the importance of community involvement and addresses various public comments and concerns.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the key points discussed in the video, including the announcements made by individuals running for state representative and those who want to be reappointed to parish boards and commissions. The focus will be on education and the need for funding to improve the education system in Iberia Parish.

Iberia Parish Education System: A Call for Change

One of the main topics covered in the video was the state of the education system in Iberia Parish. Miss Cami Mott, a candidate for state representative district 96, expressed her concerns about the quality of education provided to children in the parish. As a teacher with 13 years of experience, she highlighted the lack of funding for after-school programs and the scripted curriculum that teachers are expected to follow.

Miss Mott emphasized the need to change the education system and bring back funding to support the programs that benefit the students. She called for collaboration between the state representative and the parish council to allocate funds to address the issues faced by education in district 96.

She assured the council members that if elected, she would be available for discussions and open to working together to find solutions. Miss Mott’s passion for education and her desire to be the voice of district 96 resonated throughout her speech.

Public Comments on Appointment to Parish Boards and Commissions

The video also included public comments from individuals seeking reappointment to various parish boards and commissions. Mr. David Tate, an experienced biologist, requested reappointment to the Spanish Lake Commission. He highlighted his qualifications and expertise in aquatic biology and fisheries management, which he believes would contribute to the development and management of the Spanish Lake.

Another individual, Mr. Win Darwin, expressed his interest in being considered for reappointment to the Council Commission. As a resident living near the lake for 20 years, he emphasized his knowledge and involvement in assessing the situation during the flood of 2016. He assured the council of his commitment to the betterment of the lake and the surrounding areas.

Other individuals, such as Mr. Larry Haskins, Mr. Kevin Romero, and Mr. Fredrick Mestch Jr., also expressed their interest in continuing their service on different boards and commissions. Their experiences and dedication to serving the community were highlighted as they sought reappointment.


The video provided an insightful overview of the concerns and aspirations of the Iberia Parish community. The education system in district 96 was a key area of focus, with Miss Cami Mott highlighting the need for improved funding and a change in the scripted curriculum.

Additionally, individuals seeking reappointment to parish boards and commissions expressed their desire to continue serving the community and contributing to its growth and development. Their qualifications and commitment were evident in their speeches.

Moving forward, it is essential for the Iberia Parish Government to address the concerns raised and work towards creating a brighter future for the community. By prioritizing education and empowering individuals to make a positive impact, the parish can continue to thrive and flourish.

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