Increase HVAC Business Revenue: How to Build Your Plumbing & HVAC Business While Generating Recurring Monthly Revenue

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In today’s competitive market, it is crucial for plumbing and HVAC business owners to find new ways to increase their revenue. In this article, we will discuss a proven strategy that can help you generate recurring monthly income for your business. With the right approach, you can establish maintenance agreements or membership plans that provide ongoing services to your customers while boosting your bottom line.


Mikey Pipes, a licensed master plumber and owner of Pipe Doctor Home Services, has created this Mikey Pipes Uncensored video to share insights on how to increase your plumbing and HVAC business revenue. By setting up maintenance agreements or club plans, you can earn additional income from your customers on a monthly basis.

The Importance of Generating Recurring Monthly Revenue

Money is a significant driver of success in any business. It allows you to invest in growth opportunities, provide quality services, and secure the future of your company. Mikey Pipes emphasizes that having a consistent stream of income can make a significant difference in your ability to provide excellent service and support to your clients.

The Value of Maintenance Agreements

To generate recurring monthly revenue, you need to offer maintenance agreements or membership plans to your customers. These plans ensure that your clients receive regular tune-ups, inspections, and cleanings for their plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. By providing these services on a scheduled basis, you can prevent costly breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Determining the Selling Price

When setting up your maintenance agreements, it is crucial to determine the selling price that your customers will pay on a monthly basis. Mikey Pipes recommends pricing the plans at an affordable rate, such as less than a dollar a day. This approach allows you to present the value of the maintenance plan without overwhelming your customers with a large upfront cost.

What Your Clients Will Receive

As part of the maintenance agreements, your clients will receive several benefits. Firstly, you will perform comprehensive tune-ups, inspections, and cleanings on their heating, air conditioning, or plumbing systems. This preventive maintenance ensures optimal performance and helps identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

Additionally, you can offer priority service to members of the maintenance plan. This means that they will receive preferential treatment when scheduling appointments, and you will waive any trip charges or diagnostic fees. By providing these perks, you demonstrate the value of the plan to your customers, making it an attractive option for them.

Success Stories and Results

Mikey Pipes shares his own success story, stating that within just two weeks of rolling out his new maintenance plan for HVAC and plumbing, 50% of the homes they serviced signed up for the monthly plan. This impressive response illustrates the potential for increased revenue when implementing maintenance agreements.

Determining True Costs

To set the right selling price for your maintenance agreements, you must determine the true costs associated with providing these services. This includes accounting for the technician’s time, travel expenses, and any other costs incurred during the maintenance visits. By accurately assessing these costs, you can ensure that you are pricing your plans to cover your expenses and generate a profit.

Consultation and Implementation

If you are interested in implementing maintenance agreements for your plumbing and HVAC business but need guidance, Mikey Pipes offers phone consultations to help you get started. Whether you prefer to discuss your options via Zoom, Facebook, or any other platform, he can provide valuable insights and support to help you maximize your revenue potential.


Increasing revenue for your plumbing and HVAC business is achievable through the implementation of maintenance agreements or membership plans. By offering regular services to your customers, you can generate recurring monthly income while providing valuable preventive maintenance for their systems. By carefully determining the selling price and emphasizing the benefits of the plan, you can attract customers and secure their loyalty. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your business’s revenue and establish long-lasting relationships with your clients. Invest in maintenance agreements today and see the positive impact on your bottom line.

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