Is Hiring a Part-Time CFO Right for Your Small Business? Key Considerations

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Business owners often grapple with the question of when it’s appropriate to hire a CFO, especially on a part-time basis. The decision mainly hinges on two critical factors: the complexity of the business and its size. This article will dive into the details to help you evaluate if your business is ready for a part-time CFO.

Key Points:

1. Complexity of Your Business:

  • Multiple Companies: If you’ve divided your business into different areas for legal protection, a part-time CFO can guide you.
  • Capital Investment: Seeking advice on buying more equipment or understanding varying costs? A fractional CFO can help.
  • Revenue Recognition: For long-term contracts or uneven revenue streams, a part-time CFO can assist in recognizing revenue over time.

2. Business Size:

  • Revenue Threshold: If your company has more than $2 million in revenue, it’s a good basis to consider hiring a part-time CFO for advice on financial structure, analytics, and strategic planning.
  • Too Small for a CFO: Some businesses are simply too small for a CFO. For example, businesses with $50,000 or $135,000 in revenue should analyze their cash flow rather than hire a fractional CFO.

Step-by-Step Guidance for Hiring a Part-Time CFO for Small Business:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Business Size

Check if your annual revenue surpasses $2 million. If it’s significantly lower, a part-time CFO might not be the best investment.

Step 2: Assess Complexity

Identify if your business has legal divisions, varied costs, multiple funding sources, or needs specific expertise like revenue recognition.

Step 3: Seek Professional Advice if Needed

If your business’s size and complexity match the criteria, consult with a professional to find a suitable part-time CFO for your needs.


  • Fractional CFO: Offers advice on financial structure, business analytics, and helps in strategic planning.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Essential for small businesses to understand their financial health before making major investments.


Hiring a part-time CFO for a small business requires careful evaluation of both the business’s size and complexity. Whether it’s about legal division, capital investment, or understanding your revenue structure, a part-time CFO could be a valuable asset. By following the step-by-step guidance and considering the key points above, business owners can make a well-informed decision that aligns with their goals and needs.

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