Josephine County: A Look at the State of the County Address

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Welcome to Josephine County’s state of the county address for 2018. In this annual event, the county introduces its different departments and discusses their achievements, challenges, and future plans. In this article, we will delve into the details provided by the various presenters, starting with the legal counsel and moving on to the elected officials. Let’s explore the key points discussed during the address.

Legal Counsel’s Office

The legal counsel’s office in Josephine County prides itself on having a diverse and strong staff. The office recently expanded to include two assistant legal counsels and a property manager. The department has also experienced a transition in its law library program, now providing extended hours and excellent service to the county. The legal counsel’s office is currently handling multiple cases against institutions and government entities, with some cases of significant importance in terms of their potential impact on similarly situated employers throughout the state.

District Attorney’s Office

The district attorney’s office plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system of Josephine County. District Attorney Brian Welcomes provided an insight into the office’s operations, emphasizing that the pursuit of justice does not end with an arrest. The office files cases, works tirelessly to ensure convictions, and advocates for victims’ rights. The caseload of the office fluctuates throughout the year, with higher numbers of cases during the warmer months. The district attorney’s office works closely with law enforcement agencies in the county to ensure public safety and hold offenders accountable.

Assessor’s Office

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining property values for taxation purposes in Josephine County. The office follows the law and provides mandated services to taxing districts such as school districts, cities, and fire districts. The office consists of appraisal staff, data analysts, and administrators who work together to ensure accurate valuations and support the funding needs of various programs. The Assessor’s Office is committed to following the law and serving the community.


The state of the county address provided valuable insights into the operations, achievements, and challenges of different departments within Josephine County. The legal counsel’s office, district attorney’s office, and assessor’s office all play crucial roles in maintaining the well-being of the county and ensuring justice for its residents. It is essential to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of these departments in serving the community.

As Josephine County moves forward, it is crucial to support these departments and provide the necessary resources to carry out their important functions. By doing so, the county can continue to grow and thrive. Let us all remember the valuable contributions made by the individuals working in these departments, as they play a vital role in maintaining the quality of life for residents of Josephine County.

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