Josephine County Assessor s Office Determining Property Values and Supporting Local Programs

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Welcome to the State of the County address for Josephine County in 2018. In this address, we will be focusing on the departments within the county and the important work they do. Each department will be introduced, highlighting their achievements and challenges. Among the departments is the Josephine County Assessor’s Office, which plays a crucial role in determining property values and supporting local programs. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Assessor’s Office and its responsibilities, as well as the services it provides to the taxing districts in the county.

The Role of the Assessor’s Office

The Josephine County Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining the values for taxable property within the county. Their main objective is to follow the law and ensure that all properties are assessed accurately. Unlike some other departments, the Assessor’s Office has little discretion and must adhere to the guidelines set by the law. Their primary goal is to serve the taxing districts, including the school districts, city of Grants Pass, Cave Junction, and the fire districts, by providing them with the necessary funds to support their programs.

Staff and Responsibilities

The Assessor’s Office has a dedicated team of staff members, consisting of 12 full-time employees and 5 part-time employees. The staff is divided into two main sections: the appraisal staff and the administration.

The appraisal staff is responsible for determining property valuations. This team consists of three residential appraisers, one commercial appraiser, a data analyst who studies sales trends, and a specialist in business appraisals.

On the other hand, the administration team handles various administrative tasks, including photography and mapping. They ensure that each new development in the county is properly documented and accounted for.

Supporting Local Programs

The work of the Assessor’s Office is vital in supporting the local programs and services provided by the taxing districts. By accurately assessing property values, the office helps ensure that the taxing districts receive the necessary funding to carry out their initiatives.

The funds generated through property assessments are distributed to the school districts, city departments, and fire districts, among others. This ensures that these entities have the financial resources needed to provide high-quality services to the residents of Josephine County. The Assessor’s Office plays a crucial role in maintaining the financial stability of these districts.

Achievements and Challenges

While the Assessor’s Office has made significant progress in fulfilling its responsibilities, it has also faced several challenges along the way. One notable achievement is the successful reestablishment of the property management program, which had been dormant for years. Since its revival, the program has generated significant revenue for the county, bringing in approximately $1.6 million.

However, the office also faces challenges due to the high volume of public requests for information. In the last year alone, they received a total of 85 public records requests. To manage this, they have dedicated staff members to handle these requests efficiently and ensure transparency in their operations.

Additionally, the Assessor’s Office is constantly working to improve wildfire policy and explore options for effective natural resources management. These initiatives aim to protect the county from potential threats and ensure a sustainable future.


In conclusion, the Josephine County Assessor’s Office plays a crucial role in determining property values and supporting local programs. Through their diligent work, they ensure that the taxing districts in the county receive the necessary funds to provide vital services to the residents. The office has made significant achievements, including revitalizing the property management program, and continues to face challenges such as managing public records requests and improving wildfire policy. Overall, the Assessor’s Office is dedicated to serving the county and contributing to its growth and well-being.

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