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Karen Miller, the current Boone County Assessor candidate, initially entered the race by chance. However, her dedication and commitment to the position have made her seek reelection. In this article, we will explore why Karen Miller decided to run for office, the issues that affect Boone County residents, her plans for addressing those issues, and her ongoing projects. Miller’s focus on economic development, infrastructure, and community involvement makes her a strong candidate for the position.

Why Karen Miller Decided to Run and Seek Reelection

Karen Miller’s decision to run for office was unexpected. With Commissioner Dalton planning on seeking reelection, Miller decided to ask Commissioner Stamper who would be running for the Southern District. After realizing that she believed she could do a better job, she decided to enter the race. Miller finds it an honor to be in a position where her daily decisions can impact people’s lives. While some may question why she doesn’t aim for a state or federal position, Miller believes that there is still important work to be done on the local level, where decisions directly affect the community.

Key Issues Affecting Boone County Residents

As the Boone County Assessor, Miller is responsible for the county’s budget, as well as the management of services and infrastructure in the unincorporated areas. Additionally, the county provides essential services such as land records, marriage licenses, and a court system. Some of the key issues affecting Boone County residents include economic struggles, stormwater regulations, and the needs of both the urban and rural areas.

Plan to Address Economic Struggles

Boone County has been fortunate, but economic struggles have started to affect the community. With a decrease in sales tax revenue, Miller is facing the challenge of bringing economic growth to the county. She believes that a more involved approach to economic development is necessary, instead of solely relying on external entities. Miller proposes partnering with the University of Missouri, the city of Columbia, and surrounding cities to create a comprehensive economic plan. This plan would serve as a guide for all entities involved, enhancing their chances of securing state or federal funding for economic development projects.

Infrastructure and Funding

Miller acknowledges the importance of capitalizing on limited dollars for infrastructure. She believes in developing policies that prioritize infrastructure projects that have the potential to bring jobs and enhance the local economy. Additionally, Miller recognizes the need for incentive policies to attract businesses to the area. She aims to research various policies used by other communities and develop a plan that aligns with the needs of Boone County.

Tackling Stormwater Regulations

Stormwater regulations are an unfunded mandate imposed by the federal government. While Miller believes these regulations are necessary, she acknowledges the strain they place on the county’s budget. To address this issue, Miller plans to manage and fund the stormwater program within the county’s means. She aims to strike a balance between preserving water quality and effectively managing the program without compromising other essential services.

Addressing the Needs of Urban and Rural Areas

Boone County consists of both urban and rural areas. As the county assessor, Miller understands the importance of meeting the needs of both communities. While the county focuses on maintaining and improving roads in rural areas, Miller is also involved in revenue sharing programs that benefit incorporated areas. This balanced approach ensures that both urban and rural areas receive the attention and support they need.

Ongoing Projects and Future Plans

In addition to her responsibilities as the Boone County Assessor, Miller is actively working on several projects. These include developing a wellness program for the county’s health trust, creating a continuity of operations plan in case of a disaster, and overseeing capital projects such as the expansion of the courthouse and alternative sentencing center. Despite having a full plate, Miller is dedicated to serving the community and is eager to tackle these ongoing projects.


Karen Miller’s decision to run for and seek reelection as Boone County Assessor was unexpected, but her dedication to the position and the community is commendable. With a focus on economic development, infrastructure, and balanced support for urban and rural areas, Miller aims to address the key issues affecting Boone County residents. Her ongoing projects and plans demonstrate her commitment to serving the community and making a positive impact. As the voters consider their options, reviewing Miller’s record and evaluating her performance as a public servant should be key factors in their decision.

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