Kentucky Family Remembers Woman Killed in LaRue County Three Years Ago: A Tragic Story of Domestic Violence

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In a harrowing and puzzling murder-suicide case that took place three years ago, the community of LaRue County, Kentucky, still mourns the loss of Brittany Wilson. This heart-wrenching incident involved the dismemberment of Wilson, as well as the fatal shooting of another woman, Nicole Murray, on the same day. The man responsible for both acts, Michael Murray, then took his own life. As the anniversary of these tragic events approaches, Wilson’s family gathers at her gravesite to remember her and advocate for awareness of domestic violence. This article delves into the details of the case and highlights the importance of combatting domestic violence.

The Puzzling Murder-Suicide Case

On July 22, 2019, the dismembered remains of Brittany Wilson were discovered in a freezer in LaRue County. This shocking discovery was accompanied by the realization that two more bodies were found on the same river road property: Nicole Murray and her estranged husband, Michael Murray. Investigators determined that Michael killed Wilson, fatally shot his wife, and then took his own life before his trailer was engulfed in flames.

Preserving Brittany Wilson’s Memory

Courtney Litzy, Brittany Wilson’s sister, has made it her mission to keep her sister’s memory alive and seek justice. She gathers her family at Wilson’s gravesite every year on the anniversary of her death. Litzy pays tribute to Wilson’s kind heart and loving personality, reminding her family of the positive impact she made on their lives. Wilson had grown up in foster care, emphasizing the importance of the people who loved her unconditionally, such as Litzy. Despite the tragedy, Wilson’s family continues to expand as they adopt the philosophy of creating their own chosen family.

The Quest for Justice

While Brittany Wilson’s family strives to keep her spirit alive, the investigation into her murder has stalled, leaving many unanswered questions. The search for justice has been hindered by the fact that part of Wilson’s body was never recovered. Furthermore, there are suspicions that she may have been pregnant at the time of her death. In an effort to prevent further loss, Litzy aims to raise awareness about the devastating reality of domestic violence.

Spreading Awareness of Domestic Violence

Through advocating for domestic violence awareness, Litzy believes that her sister’s life can continue to make a difference. She asserts that although Wilson may be physically gone, her spirit lives on through her family. They actively strive to shed light on the dangers of domestic violence and offer support to those in need. By spreading the word and assisting others who are victims of abuse, Wilson’s family and their growing network continue her legacy.


The tragedy that struck LaRue County three years ago is a stark reminder of the grave consequences of domestic violence. Brittany Wilson’s unexpected and gruesome murder, alongside the killing of Nicole Murray, serves as a call to action to address this societal issue. As her family gathers at her gravesite to commemorate her life, they also emphasize the urgency of preventing future tragedies. By spreading awareness and offering support, they honor Wilson’s memory and strive to protect others from experiencing the same fate. Let us remember Brittany Wilson and take a united stand against domestic violence.

For more information on domestic violence or if you have any tips regarding Brittany Wilson’s case, please reach out to your local authorities or contact your nearest domestic violence helpline.

Note: This article is based on the information provided in the transcript and does not include any additional updates or developments in the case since its occurrence three years ago.

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