Laurens County Penny Sales Tax Boosts County Projects and Finances

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In an exciting update, Laurens County residents have voted in favor of a penny sales tax that will provide a significant boost to the county’s projects and finances. The penny sales tax, which received support from over 58 percent of Lawrence County voters, will generate approximately $35 million over the course of eight years. This article will delve into the details of this tax, highlighting the various projects it will fund and the positive impact it will have on both the city of Clinton and the county as a whole.

Funding Projects Across Laurens County

The penny sales tax will allocate funding to 16 different projects within Laurens County. These projects range from essential infrastructure upgrades to the construction of new facilities. One of the noteworthy projects supported by the tax is the development of a new public library in the city of Clinton. The existing library in Clinton is deemed inadequate to meet the evolving needs of the community, and this new facility will serve as a valuable resource for residents.

Additionally, the penny sales tax will finance major infrastructure improvements in Clinton, such as burying power lines and repaving roads. These upgrades will enhance the safety and aesthetics of the city, making it more attractive for residents and businesses alike. Other projects include the creation of an agriculture and business center, which will provide valuable resources and support for the local farming and business communities.

Priority and Phased Funding

While all 16 projects will eventually receive funding, they will be addressed in phases. Each project has specific milestone accomplishments that must be met to receive further funding. For example, the agriculture center will not receive the full amount on day one. Instead, they will receive the necessary funds to complete phase one. Once phase one is completed and verified, they will receive the next round of funding, and so on. This phased funding approach ensures that projects progress steadily and that funds are allocated efficiently.

The Importance of the Penny Sales Tax

The introduction of the penny sales tax will have a profound impact on the future of Laurens County. Not only will it provide much-needed funding for important projects, but it will also boost the county’s overall finances. The $35 million generated over eight years will be dedicated solely to the 16 pre-approved projects across the county. It is worth noting that this revenue cannot be diverted to other projects, ensuring that the allocated funds are used exclusively for the betterment of the community.


The passing of the penny sales tax in Laurens County marks an exciting milestone for the community. With funding secured for 16 key projects, including a new library and infrastructure upgrades in Clinton, the county is poised for significant progress and growth. The phased funding approach ensures that each project reaches its milestones and receives the necessary funds to advance to the next phase. Laurens County residents can look forward to a brighter future as this tax leads to enhanced facilities, improved infrastructure, and overall prosperity.

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