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Welcome to another edition of Law Talk, a public service provided by the Southwest Louisiana Law Center and CBS Lake Charles. In this episode, we have a special guest, Wendy Aguillard, the Calcasieu Parish Assessor. Wendy is here to discuss the topic of homestead exemption, who qualifies for it, and how to apply.

Understanding Homestead Exemption

Homestead exemption is an exemption for the property that you own and live in, also known as your homestead. To qualify for the homestead exemption, you must be both the owner and resident of the property. Currently, there is a $75,000 limit for most people, which means that the first $75,000 worth of value is not taxed.

So, for example, if you own a house worth $100,000 and you have a homestead exemption of $75,000, you will only be taxed on the remaining $25,000. It’s important to note that the homestead exemption only applies to parish taxes and not city taxes. This exemption provides a significant break in property taxes for eligible homeowners.

Qualifying for Homestead Exemption

To qualify for homestead exemption, you must have a deed in your name that shows ownership of the property. The ownership can be in the name of a single individual, a married couple, partners, or family members as long as they live on the property. All owners listed on the deed can sign for homestead exemption.

How to Apply for Homestead Exemption

The process to apply for homestead exemption is simple. Once you have moved into your house, whether it’s a newly built one or a purchased property, you need to bring your deed and ID to the Assessor’s office. The office will process your application and grant you the homestead exemption. It’s crucial to remember that obtaining homestead exemption requires proof of property ownership, so make sure to have the necessary documents when applying.

Homestead exemption provides homeowners with significant tax savings, and it’s essential to take advantage of this benefit. If you become the owner of property, it’s crucial to bring your deed to the Calcasieu Parish Assessor’s office to apply for homestead exemption.

Thank you for joining us on this edition of Law Talk, a public service provided by the Southwest Louisiana Law Center and CBS Lake Charles. If you have any legal questions, don’t forget to utilize the QR code provided in this video to submit your questions. We will be happy to answer them in future episodes of Law Talk.

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