Lesson 102: The ZK-5AD 4A Dual DC Motor Driver TA6586 – A Game Changer in Motor Control

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In this article, we will explore the amazing features and capabilities of the ZK-5AD motor driver module based on the TA6586 chip. This module allows us to effectively control two DC motors with start-stop speed control. We will discuss the wiring requirements, the voltage drop, and the advantages of this motor driver over other options in the market.

Key Features of the ZK-5AD Motor Driver Module

The ZK-5AD motor driver module based on the TA6586 chip offers several key features that make it an excellent choice for motor control applications. Some of the important features include:

  1. Low Voltage Drop: Unlike other motor driver modules, the ZK-5AD has a significantly lower voltage drop. While similar modules may have a voltage drop of about 2 volts at 2 amperes, the ZK-5AD only has a voltage drop of 400 millivolts at 4 amperes. This low voltage drop leads to lower heat dissipation and increased efficiency.

  2. Dual Motor Support: The ZK-5AD module is designed to control two DC motors simultaneously. It offers separate terminals for each motor, making it easy to connect and control both motors.

  3. Voltage and Current Range: The ZK-5AD module can effectively control motors ranging from 3 volts to 14 volts. This wide voltage range ensures compatibility with various motor types and power requirements. Additionally, the module can handle a continuous current of up to 5 amperes and a maximum current of 7 amperes.

  4. Built-in Protection: The module incorporates several built-in protection mechanisms to ensure safe and reliable operation. It features overcurrent and short circuit protection, as well as a thermal shutdown function that activates when the module’s temperature exceeds safe limits.

Wiring and Connections

To effectively use the ZK-5AD motor driver module, proper wiring and connections are necessary. Here is a step-by-step process to connect the module:

  1. Connect the positive and negative terminals of your power source to the main input terminals on the ZK-5AD module.

  2. Connect one DC motor to the output terminals of one of the motor driver chips on the module. Repeat this step for the second DC motor.

  3. Ensure proper grounding by connecting the last terminal to the ground.

  4. If you are using an external device, such as an Arduino, connect the ground and control pins accordingly.

Controlling the Motors

Controlling the motors with the ZK-5AD module is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Define the control pins for each motor in your code. Typically, the control pins are labeled as D0, D1, D2, and D3.

  2. Set the desired direction and speed for each motor. The module supports clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

  3. Utilize the map function to convert the speed values from the desired range (0-100) to the range supported by the Arduino (0-255).

  4. Use the appropriate function to set the direction, speed, and start/stop commands for each motor.

  5. Monitor the motor’s operation by enabling the debugging option. This option allows you to view the motor’s status on the serial monitor.

  6. Test and fine-tune your code using the loop function to observe the motor’s behavior with different speed and direction settings.

Advantages of the ZK-5AD Motor Driver

The ZK-5AD motor driver module based on the TA6586 chip offers several advantages over other motor drivers like the L298N. Some of the significant advantages include:

  1. Lower voltage drop: Unlike the L298N, which has a voltage drop of about 2 volts at 2 amperes, the ZK-5AD has a significantly lower voltage drop of only 400 millivolts at 4 amperes. This lower voltage drop results in better heat dissipation and increased efficiency.

  2. Compact Size: The ZK-5AD module has a compact size, with dimensions of 38.2mm x 27.4mm x 14.6mm. This small size makes it suitable for various applications with limited space.

  3. Wide Voltage Range: The module can handle a wide voltage range from 3 volts to 14 volts, making it compatible with a variety of motors.

  4. Built-in Protection Mechanisms: The ZK-5AD module incorporates overcurrent, short circuit, and thermal shutdown protection to ensure the safety and reliability of the motors and the module itself.

Testing and Thermal Performance

The ZK-5AD motor driver module exhibits impressive performance even under demanding conditions. In a test setup, the module successfully operated at 4 amperes without the need for an additional heatsink. Thermal imaging revealed a temperature reading of up to 85 degrees Celsius, well within the module’s safe operating range.


The ZK-5AD 4A Dual DC Motor Driver TA6586 is an excellent choice for controlling two DC motors with ease and efficiency. Its low voltage drop, compact size, and built-in protection mechanisms make it a game changer in motor control applications. By following the proper wiring and control procedures, users can harness the full potential of this powerful motor driver module.

If you are in search of a reliable and efficient motor driver module, consider the ZK-5AD for your next project. Its versatile features and impressive performance make it a top contender in the market!

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