Maine Woman at Risk of Losing Dog Day Care Business After Town Revokes License

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Casco leaders revoke license for woman running dog day care, putting her business in jeopardy.

In a stunning turn of events, a woman in Casco, Maine is facing the devastating possibility of losing her beloved dog day care business. The town has recently revoked the license that they had mistakenly granted her, leaving her with no choice but to shut down. This unexpected decision has come as a shock to both the owner and her loyal customers.

Shannon Oliver, the owner of “Hello Doggy Daycare,” had been operating her business for the past year and a half with the approval of Casco Town leaders. However, it has now been revealed that the town made a zoning mistake and her property is not actually zoned for commercial use.

Oliver explains that when she initially applied to open her dog day care, the property was listed as a commercial property by a broker and even appeared as such on the town’s tax assessor sheet. She and her landlord had invested significant time and money into expanding the business, unaware of the zoning discrepancy.

The issue came to light when a neighbor complained about the noise of dogs barking in the building. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Oliver’s home and business fell into residential zoning, which does not allow for kennels or pet businesses. This revelation has jeopardized the future of her business.

Oliver, who owns eight dogs of her own and cares for twelve rescue dogs, now faces the heartbreaking possibility of closing her dog day care. Not only is this her livelihood, but it also supports her rescue efforts. She passionately pleads for the town to consider allowing kennels in residential zones and to rezone her business as a commercial property.

The town, however, has taken a different stance. Instead of granting her a variance or considering her petition, they have demanded that she cease operations. According to Casco’s zoning laws, no one in a residential area is permitted to have more than five dogs. This decision not only affects Oliver but also worries other pet owners and dog lovers who fear the potential ripple effect this may have on similar businesses in the area.

Supporters of Oliver argue that she should not be penalized for a mistake made by the town. Considering that she had been operating her business for several years without any issues, they believe that the town should reconsider and allow her to continue running her dog day care.

As Oliver prepares to present her case before the town next month, hope remains that she will be granted a zoning variance, allowing her to keep her business open. Her dog day care is not only a source of income but also a labor of love, caring for dogs who have nowhere else to go.


The future of Shannon Oliver’s dog day care hangs in the balance as Casco town leaders revoked the license they had mistakenly granted her. Despite her belief that the property was properly zoned for commercial use, it was discovered that her home and business fell in residential zoning, which does not permit kennels or pet businesses. Now, Oliver faces the heart-wrenching possibility of shutting down her business, endangering not only her livelihood but also the welfare of the dogs she cares for and rescues. As she fights to keep her beloved dog day care open, supporters rally behind her, urging the town to reconsider and grant her a variance to continue operating. The decision has far-reaching implications for other pet businesses and dog lovers in the area, who fear a potential ripple effect on their own endeavors. Only time will tell if the town will rectify their zoning mistake and allow Oliver to continue providing a safe haven for dogs in need.

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