Meade County Property Taxes Understanding the Soaring Rates

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In recent years, Meade County property owners have been faced with a concerning trend – soaring property tax rates. Many residents, like Ruth Laffey, have been shocked to find significant increases in their property tax bills. This article aims to shed light on this issue, providing an in-depth analysis of Meade County’s property taxes and offering potential solutions for affected homeowners.

The Property Tax Shock

Ruth Laffey, a resident of Meade County, experienced a substantial increase in her property tax bill for 2022. While she paid $338 per year for her five-acre lot in 2020, the bill has now skyrocketed to $541 every six months. This staggering increase has left many property owners struggling to cover their tax obligations.

Failed Legislative Efforts

During the previous legislative session, property tax relief was a topic of great debate. However, despite numerous complaints from property owners, lawmakers did not approve a bill that would have provided relief to the burdened taxpayers. The focus was primarily on whether to implement property tax relief or cut the sales tax.

Exploring Options for Property Owners

Despite the lack of legislative action, Meade County property owners do have alternative options to alleviate the burden of skyrocketing property taxes. One such avenue is to file an appeal, challenging the assessed value of their property. Ruth Laffey has already pursued this route, but unfortunately, her appeal was refused.

Seniors living on fixed incomes also have the option to apply for an assessment freeze. However, the eligibility requirements for this freeze are complex and narrow, making it challenging for many to qualify.

Understanding the Property Tax Burden

It is crucial to comprehend the factors contributing to Meade County’s property tax burden. Presently, lawmakers are conducting a comprehensive study to gain insights into the origins of this burden. They aim to determine how much revenue the county receives, what expenses it incurs, and where the property taxes are allocated.

Approximately 55% of the property tax funds are allocated to schools, while about 11% are contributed to funding cities within the county. The remaining 27.5% is returned back to the county itself. However, it is important to note that running elections, which is a significant expense, does not incur any fees.

Evaluating the County’s Responsibilities

To address the issue of excessive property tax burden, state lawmakers are considering reevaluating the responsibilities placed upon counties. Currently, the majority of county funding relies heavily on property taxes, resulting in a strain on property owners.

Lawmakers argue that some of the burden should be shifted away from counties and onto the state. They believe that if certain responsibilities, such as those related to the courthouse, were covered by state funds, property owners could experience much-needed relief.

Future Legislative Actions

State Representative Duhamel has vowed to continue advocating for property owners during the upcoming legislative session in 2024. She anticipates the introduction of a comprehensive package of bills aimed at addressing the issues surrounding property taxes in Meade County and providing relief to affected homeowners.


The soaring property tax rates in Meade County have become a pressing concern for residents, like Ruth Laffey, who struggle to meet their tax obligations. While legislative efforts to provide relief were unsuccessful, property owners still have the option to appeal their assessments or explore qualifying for an assessment freeze. Additionally, state lawmakers are actively reevaluating the allocation of responsibilities between counties and the state in an effort to alleviate the burden placed on property owners.

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