Meet the Candidates for St. Landry Assessor: A New Beginning for St. Landry Parish

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In St. Landry Parish, voters will soon elect a new Tax Assessor for the first time in over thirty years. The current Assessor has decided not to seek reelection, creating an opportunity for two candidates to fill the seat. In this article, we will introduce the candidates and explore their qualifications and experiences. This election brings the promise of change and new leadership in St. Landry Parish.

Meet the Candidates

Blair Briggs

Blair Briggs, one of the candidates for St. Landry Assessor, believes his experience makes him well-suited for the job. Throughout his career, Briggs has been involved in purchasing and selling property. His expertise in managing residential and commercial properties, as well as handling sales, makes him stand out as a candidate.

As the Assessor, Briggs understands that his role is not to collect taxes, but rather to fairly and accurately value property. With his extensive experience in property management and sales, he believes he is the only candidate equipped with the knowledge and skills required for this position. Additionally, Briggs has held public office for the past 15 years, which has given him a deep understanding of governmental workings and the ability to collaborate with different branches of government within the parish.

Sherry’s Arang McGovern

The second candidate for St. Landry Assessor is Sherry’s Arang McGovern. She brings 13 years of experience working in the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, where she served as the Chief Civil Deputy and Chief Financial Officer. Her time working closely with the Assessor’s office has given her an in-depth understanding of its operations, including knowledge of millage, assessments, and the laws related to the Assessor’s office.

Notably, McGovern has managed a budget of over fifteen million dollars during her tenure, overseeing the inflow and outflow of ad valorem taxes amounting to over sixty million dollars. With her financial expertise and understanding of the Assessor’s office, she is determined to ensure fair and equal assessments for all citizens of St. Landry Parish. McGovern’s sincere desire to help the citizens of the parish sets her apart as a strong candidate.

The Role of the Assessor

The role of the Tax Assessor is crucial in determining the value of properties within St. Landry Parish. The Assessor’s primary responsibility is to accurately assess the value of each property, ensuring equitable taxation. It is important to note that the Assessor’s office does not collect taxes but plays a fundamental role in the tax collection process by providing reliable property valuations.

By electing a new Assessor, St. Landry Parish residents have an opportunity to shape the future of property assessments and taxation. Both Briggs and McGovern have their unique qualifications and experiences that they believe make them perfectly suited for this important position.

Steps to Choosing a New Assessor

  1. Evaluate Qualifications: One of the first steps in choosing a new Assessor is evaluating the qualifications and experiences of the candidates. In the case of St. Landry Parish, the two candidates have experience in the fields of property management, sales, and government.

  2. Research and Understand the Role: It is essential to research and understand the role of the Assessor in order to make an informed decision. This includes understanding that the Assessor’s primary responsibility is property valuation, not tax collection.

  3. Consider Past Experience: Consider each candidate’s past experience and how it aligns with the role of the Assessor. Blair Briggs brings valuable experience in property management and sales, while Sherry’s Arang McGovern has a strong financial background and extensive knowledge of the Assessor’s office.

  4. Assess Candidates’ Commitment: Consider the level of commitment each candidate shows towards serving the citizens of St. Landry Parish. This can be determined by reviewing their involvement in public office or their dedication to their respective fields.

  5. Evaluate Vision and Plans: It is crucial to evaluate the candidates’ visions and plans for the Assessor’s office. Look for candidates who prioritize fairness, equity, and efficiency in property assessments and tax collection.


The upcoming election in St. Landry Parish presents a unique opportunity for residents to elect a new Tax Assessor. This change will bring fresh perspectives and leadership to the Assessor’s office, ensuring fair and accurate property valuations for years to come. Blair Briggs and Sherry’s Arang McGovern are the two candidates vying for the position. Each candidate brings their own qualifications and experiences that set them apart. As a voter, it is important to research and understand the role of the Assessor and carefully consider each candidate’s background, commitment, and plans for the future. By participating in the democratic process, the citizens of St. Landry Parish can contribute to a better and more equitable future.

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