Meeting Summary Coffey County Commission July 10 2023

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In this article, we will be discussing the transcript of a meeting held by the Coffey County Commission. The meeting took place on July 10, 2023, and covered various topics, including financial adjustments, changes in payroll, and updates to the county’s book and comprehensive plan. We will explore each topic in detail, providing a step-by-step breakdown of the information discussed.

Financial Adjustments

During the meeting, the auditor informed the commission about twelve adjustments that needed to be made to the financial software program for the year 2022. These adjustments were meant to correct errors and inconsistencies. While such adjustments were common in previous years, they had not required approval before. However, this year, the commission was asked to review and approve these adjustments for input in the software program.

Changes in Payroll

The commission also discussed changes in payroll for two individuals. The first individual, Martin Ernest, was a communication technician who had completed a step change and was promoted from Step 55-4 to Step 55-5. With this change, his salary increased from $26.93 to $27.46 per hour. The commission voted in favor of approving this change.

The second individual, Chris Lawson, was a deputy who had completed the Law Enforcement Training Center (KL Etc) certification. Based on the recommendation of the sheriff, the commission approved a step change and promotion for Lawson, from Classification 40-1 to Classification 40-2. This resulted in a salary increase from $2096 to $2136 per pay period.

Updates to the County’s Book

One of the key topics discussed during the meeting was the need to update the county’s book. The current book was outdated, as it was created in the early 2000s. The commission recognized the importance of modernizing the book and discussed the need for industrial uses and updated information on land development. They also discussed the possibility of hiring a consultant to assist with this update.

The commission acknowledged that updating the book would involve significant time and effort. They highlighted the need to consider the industrial uses in the area and suggested that the book reflect these changes. By updating the book, the county would be better equipped to handle big industrial projects and provide more accurate information to developers.

They also discussed the importance of having a consultant who specializes in land development and zoning. This consultant would provide valuable insights and help streamline the process of updating the book. The commission agreed that involving a consultant would be beneficial in ensuring that the book is comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-friendly.

Comprehensive Plan and Future Considerations

The commission briefly touched upon the comprehensive plan for the county. They acknowledged that developing and implementing a comprehensive plan would require significant financial resources. While they recognized the importance of a comprehensive plan, they also understood that it would take time to fully develop and enforce.

The commission discussed the possibility of hiring a consultant who specializes in developing comprehensive plans. This consultant would have the expertise required to guide the county through the planning process. However, they also mentioned the need for input from local stakeholders and community members to ensure that the plan aligns with the county’s needs and goals.


In conclusion, the Coffey County Commission meeting held on July 10, 2023, covered a range of important topics. From financial adjustments to changes in payroll and updates to the county’s book and comprehensive plan, the commission discussed various matters relevant to the county’s operations and development. By acknowledging the need for updates and seeking expert assistance, the commission showcased a commitment to ensuring the county’s growth and progress.

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