Mitchell County Government A Recap of the BOC Meeting on 8 14 23

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In this article, we will be discussing the Mitchell County Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting that took place on August 14, 2023. This meeting covered a variety of topics related to the county’s government and included updates and discussions on various issues and initiatives. Throughout this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the key points discussed during the meeting.

Silence Your Mobile Devices

To begin the meeting, all attendees were reminded to silence their mobile devices. This common courtesy ensures that the meeting can proceed without any disruptions. The importance of maintaining a respectful and focused environment was emphasized.

Opening Prayer and Invocation

Commissioner Roberts was asked to provide the invocation for the meeting. He thanked the Lord for the day and acknowledged the importance of each person’s decision and discussions that would take place during the meeting. He expressed gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon the county and the opportunity to make decisions for the betterment of the community.

Acknowledgement of Conflict of Interest

A member of the Lynch County Historical Society, who appeared to have a conflict of interest in a particular matter pertaining to the Mitchell County Government, chose to recuse themselves from the discussion and voting related to that matter. This action was noted in the minutes of the meeting.

Changes to the Agenda

Several additions and changes were made to the agenda for the evening. These included items such as the designation of local officials and a request from the Historical Society. A motion was made to amend the agenda accordingly, and it was seconded by another member of the board.

Approval of the Minutes

The board proceeded to discuss and vote on the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting, which took place on July 10, 2023. A motion was made to approve the minutes, and it was seconded by another member of the board. The approval of the minutes signified that the discussions and decisions made during the previous meeting were accurately recorded.

Employee of the Month Recognition

During the meeting, the Mitchell County Board of Commissioners recognized Mr. JBW as the Employee of the Month. Mr. JBW’s contribution and dedication to serving the citizens of the county were acknowledged, particularly his ability to form personal connections with senior clients and understand their unique needs. His calm demeanor and ability to keep day-to-day activities running smoothly for the senior community were also commended. The Employee of the Month recognition serves as an appreciation for individuals who go above and beyond in their work.

Financial Report

The board received an update on the county’s financial status. The financial report for July 2023 was discussed, highlighting the amount of revenue collected during the month. The report indicated that the county had collected $241,208.87. The board expressed satisfaction with the revenue collected and acknowledged the efforts made to maintain payment plans for taxpayers, ensuring monthly payments and timely collection.

Senior Tar Heel Legislature 30-Year Recognition

The board recognized Ms. Norman Duncan for her 30 years of service in the Senior Tar Heel Legislature. The recognition was presented by the NC Secretary of State, commemorating Ms. Duncan’s commitment to serving seniors in the state. Ms. Duncan expressed her gratitude for the recognition and shared her hopes for the continued support of initiatives such as Medicaid expansion.

Economic Development Commission Update

An update on the Economic Development Commission was provided by a representative. The commission consists of representatives from various organizations within the county, including Penland School of Craft, Great Meadows, and the Chamber of Commerce, among others. The representative discussed the recent updates made to the commission’s website, including improved content and search engine optimization. The commission is also working on adding available properties and exploring opportunities for economic growth.


In conclusion, the Mitchell County BOC meeting on August 14, 2023, covered a range of important topics related to the county’s government and its initiatives. The meeting provided updates on financial matters, recognized an outstanding employee, and acknowledged individuals for their long-standing service. Additionally, progress on the county’s economic development initiatives was discussed, highlighting efforts to enhance the county’s online presence and attract potential businesses. Overall, the meeting demonstrated the commitment of the Mitchell County Government to serve its citizens effectively and promote growth in the community.

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