Motion Filed to Dismiss Murder Charges in Meade Co. Murder Case: After More Than 20 Years, Justice Prevails

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It is a case that has spanned over two decades, with the accused maintaining their innocence since 1992. Now, prosecutors have finally taken a step towards justice by filing a motion to dismiss the murder charges against two men from Meade County, Kentucky. For years, the i-team’s Renee Murphy has tirelessly followed every twist and turn of this case that was once believed to be connected to a satanic ritual. Today, she brings us the long-awaited news that these men have been waiting for.

Keith Harden and Jeff Clark have been behind bars for more than 20 years, despite DNA evidence and questionable testimony from a detective. These are the reasons cited by prosecutors as they seek to dismiss the murder charges against them. This significant development comes as a special prosecutor from the attorney general’s office reexamined the case. The original claim was that Rhonda Sue Wore Fur was killed in a field in Meade County as part of a satanic ritual orchestrated by Clark and Harden in 1992. However, the newly appointed special prosecutor has taken a fresh look at the evidence, leading to this motion to drop the charges.

For Louisville attorney Larry Simon, who represents Harden, this news is a cause for celebration. He exclaims, “This is great! It’s almost too much to take in.” In 2016, the men were granted a new trial after newly tested DNA evidence failed to link them to the crime. Furthermore, the testimony of a former detective involved in the case was called into question. Now, the attorney general’s office agrees with the findings and is moving forward to dismiss the murder indictments entirely.

The news of their impending release has brought joy and relief to Harden’s sisters, who have tirelessly fought for their brother’s freedom. They stood by him, offering unwavering support throughout the long and arduous legal battle. “We have always been here for him, as a faith family,” says one sister. Finally, Keith Harden can reclaim his life and continue living it without the shadow of false accusations looming over him. It is a bittersweet victory for Clark and Harden, who have spent the majority of their adult lives behind bars for a crime they maintain they did not commit.

Although the motion to dismiss the charges has been filed, there are still procedural steps that need to be taken before it becomes official. A judge must sign an order granting the prosecutor’s motion, solidifying the dismissal of the charges. Until then, the fate of Clark and Harden remains uncertain. However, they have been able to bond out of custody after their convictions were overturned, offering a glimmer of hope for their future.

As news of this development spreads, supporters of Clark and Harden are hopeful that the truth will finally prevail. After enduring more than two decades of injustice, it seems that justice is finally within reach. However, the victim’s family has yet to be reached for comment, leaving their perspective on the matter unknown.

In conclusion, after more than 20 years, the murder charges against Keith Harden and Jeff Clark in Meade County, Kentucky, may finally be dismissed. The newfound evidence and the reevaluation of the case by a special prosecutor have shed doubt on the initial claims made against these men. As they await the final decision of a judge, Clark and Harden, as well as their dedicated supporters, hope that this long-awaited dismissal will mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. It is a testament to the perseverance and resilience of all those involved in fighting for justice, and a reminder that the truth should never be silenced.

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