Nevada Homeowners Can Save Big on Property Taxes

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Are you a homeowner in Nevada? Did you know that you may be paying more on your property taxes than you need to? Under state law, as a property owner, you have the opportunity to apply for a three percent tax cap on your primary residence. However, time is running out for you to take advantage of this money-saving opportunity. In this article, we will discuss how this could impact your family budget and provide step-by-step instructions on how to lower your property taxes.

Many homeowners may overlook the potential savings when it comes to their property taxes. It’s important to pay attention to any mail you receive related to your property, as it could contain valuable information that will save you a significant amount of money. One such mail you may receive is a postcard showing your property taxes. While some homeowners may already be aware of the three percent tax cap, others may find that their home has a higher cap.

For example, Alexander Alonso discovered that his property tax cap was 7.7 percent, which is more than double the standard cap. He knew he had to take action to fix this and visited the Clark County Assessor’s Office to apply for a property tax abatement. This program ensures that your primary place of residence is only subject to a three percent tax cap. Alonso recognized the benefits of this opportunity, especially with increasing energy costs affecting his household expenses. By lowering his tax cap, he could save a significant amount of money.

Realtor Zarzangane explains that this tax abatement is available to any homeowner who lists a property as their primary residence. It is crucial for homeowners to respond to the postcards sent by the county before the end of the fiscal year on June 30. Failure to respond could result in an eight percent tax cap, significantly increasing your property tax burden.

Many homeowners are learning about this opportunity and calling their realtors for advice. As individuals who have recently purchased a property, they want to ensure they take advantage of the three percent tax cap. Realtors are emphasizing the importance of responding to the postcards to avoid the higher tax cap. This small action can make a huge difference in the amount of property tax paid, potentially saving homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The savings from the tax abatement depend on the value of your property. The three percent tax cap is based on either the market value or assessed value of your property. For homeowners like Alonso, who estimates saving about $150, these savings can be reallocated to cover other expenses such as gas or food, which have become more expensive.

If you are a homeowner in Nevada and want to take advantage of this money-saving opportunity, it is crucial to contact the Clark County Assessor’s Office. They will provide you with the necessary details and guide you through the process. Don’t miss out on potentially saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your property taxes.

In conclusion, under state law, Nevada homeowners have the chance to apply for a three percent tax cap on their primary residence. By responding to the postcards sent by the county before June 30, homeowners can ensure that they are not subject to a higher tax cap. The savings from this tax abatement can be substantial, offering financial relief for other household expenses. If you’re a homeowner in Nevada, don’t miss the opportunity to save big on your property taxes. Contact the Clark County Assessor’s Office today to explore your options and secure a three percent tax cap on your primary residence.

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