New Hampshire Explained A Comprehensive Tour of the State s Geography

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Living in New Hampshire is a dream for many people, whether they are looking for a job, want to be close to the mountains, or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the state. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the geography of New Hampshire and explore various regions that make it such a desirable place to live.

The Heart of Southern New Hampshire: Concord and Surrounding Areas

Let’s start our tour in Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, which acts as the center point of the southern part of the state. Concord is an ideal place to live if you want close proximity to major cities like Boston and Manchester. With easy access to major highways, such as Interstate 93, living in Concord allows you to enjoy the amenities of Southern New Hampshire while still being within reach of the mountains and the seacoast.

Some other towns and cities in this area, such as Manchester and Nashua, offer similar advantages in terms of proximity to job opportunities and urban amenities. Additionally, Concord is home to many state offices, making it a convenient choice for those employed in government positions.

Exploring the Central Region: Lakes and Rural Areas

Moving north of Concord, you enter a more rural region that offers a balance between access to the mountains and the seacoast. This area is popular among those seeking a quieter lifestyle but still want to have access to major amenities. Towns like Laconia, located close to Lake Winnipesaukee, provide a slightly more affordable option for living near a popular lake. Properties around Lake Winnipesaukee can be quite expensive, but the region’s beauty and recreational activities make it a worthwhile investment.

Another gem in this region is Newfound Lake, located in Bristol, which offers stunning natural beauty and is known as one of the cleanest lakes in the world. The underground springs that feed these lakes contribute to their crystal-clear waters. Whether you are into water sports, fishing, or simply enjoying the scenic views, Newfound Lake is a great choice.

Lake Sunapee: A Haven for Nature Lovers

Heading further west in New Hampshire, you will come across Lake Sunapee, a picturesque lake with views that are truly captivating. Lake Sunapee is surrounded by mountains and offers a range of recreational activities, including skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. With Mount Sunapee nearby, this area is popular among skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Mountains, Ski Resorts, and Hiking: Exploring the Northern Region

As you continue further north in New Hampshire, you enter a region known for its mountains, ski resorts, and hiking trails. Plymouth, home to Plymouth State College, attracts a younger demographic due to its proximity to excellent winter sports and outdoor activities. This area offers opportunities for both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking a vibrant college town atmosphere.

The towns of Waterville Valley and Lincoln are popular for their ski resorts, with Waterville Valley being a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Lincoln, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed atmosphere and is known for its beautiful scenic drives, camping areas, and waterfalls. The Kancamagus Highway, which connects these towns, provides breathtaking views, especially during the fall foliage season.

The Far North: Remote Areas and Winter Wonderland

As you venture further north in New Hampshire, you enter more remote and sparsely populated areas. Towns like Berlin and Colebrook, located near the Canadian border, offer lower real estate prices but lack the amenities and job opportunities found in the southern parts of the state. These areas are perfect for those seeking a remote getaway or a second home where they can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Western New Hampshire: Exploring the Vermont Border

Traveling across Western New Hampshire, you will encounter numerous towns and cities that add to the charm of the state. While it is impossible to cover every single town, we will focus on the region near the Vermont border. This area is known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant communities, and a slower-paced way of life. Towns like Lebanon and Hanover offer a mix of natural beauty and cultural amenities, thanks to the presence of Dartmouth College.


New Hampshire offers a diverse geography that caters to a wide range of lifestyles and interests. From the bustling cities in the south to the remote areas in the far north, the state has something to offer everyone. Whether you prefer the tranquility of lakes and mountains or the conveniences of urban living, New Hampshire is a place where you can find your perfect home.

Remember to explore each region thoroughly before making a decision, as each offers unique advantages and considerations. Whether you are relocating for work, retirement, or simply a change of pace, New Hampshire promises a high quality of life and an abundance of natural beauty at every turn.

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