North Branford Town Council Meeting August 16 2022

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The North Branford Town Council convened for a meeting on August 16, 2022, in the town council chambers in North Branford, Connecticut. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. The council members, along with the town manager, discussed various agenda items and reports.

Agenda Amendments

Before proceeding with the regular town council meeting, the mayor made a motion to amend the agenda. The amendments included adding items such as the resignation of Mike Michael Downs from the town council, the appointment of a town manager, the appointment of Gene Stabile to park and recreation, and the award of several bids related to the NBHS phase 3 technology package, digital signage package, and wireless access points contract. All amendments were approved.

Town Manager Report

The acting town manager provided an update on COVID-19 testing and vaccination. The report from the Eastshore District Health indicated a slight increase in the positivity rate in the town, which stood at 4.8% for the week ending August 10th. However, the state’s overall positivity rate remained higher at 12.07% as of August 11th. The town manager expressed optimism that the local positivity rate would decrease in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the manager shared updates on various town positions that were being filled. The tax collector position had been advertised locally, but no viable candidates had been found yet. The public works department had filled some positions internally, but there was still an open vacancy for a highway one position. The town planner and CEO position also had a vacancy, and efforts were being made to find a suitable candidate.

Bond Resolutions

The council discussed bond resolutions related to the planning, designing, and construction of various projects. The total amount being appropriated was $16.2 million, but it was clarified that only $10.5 million would be utilized. The remaining funds would be returned to the town. The details of the resolutions and their implications were explained by the council members and the project committee.

Project Updates

The permanent project committee presented updates on the ongoing projects. One of the projects discussed was the restoration of the high school, including roof repairs and structural improvements. The committee highlighted the need for additional funds, and a proposal for a half-million-dollar increase was presented. The specifics of the project and the allocation of funds were to be discussed in future meetings.

Another project discussed was the police station renovation. Concerns were raised about the timing of applying the top coat to the newly laid asphalt, and it was decided that a special meeting would be held to re-evaluate the decision. The aim was to ensure that the project was completed successfully and that no issues would arise due to premature application of the top coat.


The North Branford Town Council meeting provided updates on various town matters, including COVID-19 testing, vacancies in town positions, and ongoing projects. The council members and committee members actively discussed and addressed concerns related to the projects, ensuring that the town’s resources were utilized effectively. The meeting concluded with plans for future meetings to continue monitoring and managing the projects.

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