Official Update on LaSalle Chemical Plant Fire: Safety Measures and Health Concerns

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In a recent press conference held in LaSalle County, officials provided an update on the chemical plant fire that occurred earlier in the day. The fire started at around 9 AM at the Charis LLC facility manufacturing facility. While the fire was contained by noon and all plant personnel were accounted for, there were concerns about the safety of residents and potential health risks associated with the incident. This article will provide a detailed overview of the key points discussed in the press conference, including safety measures taken, health concerns addressed, and ongoing investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

Safety Measures Taken

The first priority mentioned by officials during the press conference was the safety of the employees and the surrounding community. All plant personnel and contractors were quickly accounted for, and there were no civilian injuries reported. However, one firefighter sustained a minor injury but was treated and released.

To ensure public safety, the authorities partnered with local police, fire departments, as well as various agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The collective effort aimed to prioritize the well-being of employees and neighbors in the affected area.

Health Concerns Addressed

During the fire, a material called potassium permanganate, which is used as a drinking water treatment, was released into the air. While the material can cause staining on the skin upon contact, it does not pose a health threat. In case of contact, the stain can be safely rinsed away with a solution of household vinegar and household hydrogen peroxide.

Residents in the affected area raised concerns about the material’s impact on their health and the environment, particularly after witnessing staining on their surroundings. However, officials reassured them that there was no immediate health risk from the material. The safety data sheet on potassium permanganate confirmed that it could cause staining but did not suggest any significant health hazards.

To address individual concerns and provide additional information, a hotline was established for residents to call. The hotline number is 815-224-6206 and will be available after 5 PM. Authorities urged concerned residents to reach out if they had specific questions or needed further clarification.

Ongoing Investigations

Officials also discussed ongoing investigations to determine the cause of the fire. At the time of the press conference, the exact cause was still under investigation. The fire appeared to have started in the warehouse of the Charis LLC facility. However, further details regarding the cause and location were not provided.

Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other relevant agencies were present at the site to assess the impact on both air quality and nearby water sources. Contractors were conducting air monitoring upwind of the site to identify any residual smoke plumes that could be of concern. They assured residents that the runoff from the firefighting efforts had been contained on-site and that measures were in place to prevent it from reaching the nearby Vermilion River.

The results of the air monitoring would be compiled and made available on a website, which was yet to be announced. However, the preliminary assessment suggested that the material released during the incident had not made its way to the Vermilion River.


The press conference provided valuable information regarding the recent chemical plant fire in LaSalle County. The safety of personnel and residents was of utmost importance to the authorities, who took swift action to contain the fire and ensure everyone was accounted for. Health concerns related to the released material were addressed, with officials confirming that it did not pose an immediate health threat.

Ongoing investigations will shed more light on the cause of the fire and any potential long-term impacts on the environment. Agencies such as the EPA continued to monitor air quality and water sources in the surrounding area to ensure the safety of residents.

As more information becomes available, it is crucial for residents to stay informed through updates provided by the authorities and to utilize the hotline established for any specific concerns or questions. By working together, the community can navigate this situation and prioritize the well-being of all those affected.

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