One Less Task: Outsourcing Workstation Assessments for Your Outsourced Teams

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Outsourcing the management of workstation assessments for your outsourced teams can be a game-changer for your business. In this article, we will explore the benefits of outsourcing this task and how it can save you time and resources. We will take a look at the key points discussed in a recent webinar by Posturite Limited, a renowned company specializing in ergonomics and health and safety.


In the webinar, Catherine Metters, the lead consultant at Posturite Limited, introduces the topic of outsourcing workstation assessments. She highlights the importance of ergonomics and health and safety, especially in the era of remote and hybrid work. As the usage of screens increases, so do musculoskeletal problems. Catherine recognizes the need for relevant risk assessments and the management of any concerns that may arise.

Meet the Presenters

The presenters of the webinar are Matt and Susie, experts in the field of workstation assessments. Matt, with 16 years of experience at Posturite Limited, oversees the managed service division. He emphasizes the two key elements of the service: administration tasks and specialist expertise. The former includes essential tasks like assessments, documentation, and maintaining audit trails, which often get pushed down the to-do list. The latter involves the skills and knowledge of trained DSE assessors who can address specific issues that arise during assessments.

Susie, a case manager at Posturite Limited, joined the company after graduating with a sports and exercise science degree. She now focuses on the managed service department, offering tailored DSE services to meet client requirements.

The Challenges of Hybrid Work

With the rise of hybrid work, organizations face new challenges in managing workstation assessments. Posturite Limited has encountered questions on how to effectively train employees for multiple environments, configure assessments for accurate results, and establish policies for home and office workdays. Clients also seek support in rolling out workstation policies globally, including remote and face-to-face assistance and sourcing product solutions when needed. The delivery method for workstation assessments is another common concern, with Posturite Limited providing expertise in implementing and supporting various systems.

The Managed Service Approach

Posturite Limited’s managed service aims to save clients time and streamline workstation assessments. The service begins with a thorough evaluation of the client’s current processes and goals. It includes reviewing existing systems, implementing new ones if necessary, and addressing priority cases. The implementation phase involves strategic planning and agreement on rollout schedules. An essential aspect of the service is issue management and communication with staff, which Susie explains in detail.

The Implementation Process

To ensure a successful managed service, Posturite Limited assigns a dedicated implementation manager. This manager understands the client’s goals and unique drivers, whether it’s resolving backlogged cases or improving DSE statistics. They take into account the client’s organizational culture to deliver messages in line with their tone and values. The implementation phase covers everything from maximizing existing setups to procuring home office furniture. It also involves creating a bespoke workflow that outlines escalations, actions, and desired messaging.

Benefits of Outsourcing Workstation Assessments

By outsourcing workstation assessments to Posturite Limited, clients benefit from expert guidance, time savings, and improved resource allocation. The managed service offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of remote and hybrid work. Clients can focus on core business tasks while relying on trained DSE assessors to handle assessments, documentation, and issue management.


Outsourcing the management of workstation assessments for your outsourced teams is a strategic move that can enhance productivity and well-being in the workplace. Posturite Limited’s managed service provides a tailored approach to address the challenges of remote and hybrid work. By leveraging the expertise of trained assessors and streamlining processes, organizations can ensure the health and safety of their employees while maximizing efficiency.

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